Types Of Cat Protection Screen And Screen Care

Cats are mischievous, curious, and adventurous by nature. And whoever lives with these pussies knows that they don’t mind walking on heights or jumping from high places. However, this natural cat instinct can become a problem. That’s because they can easily fall with serious and even fatal consequences. To avoid this risk, the best thing you can do is opt for the cat screen. 

In this post here you will find tips on how to choose the ideal cat screen, as well as discovering how to install and keep your kitten safe from accidents. 

How important is the protection screen for cats?


One of the main reasons for installing the protection screen for cats is security. The use of the screen eliminates any risk of escape and, consequently, falls and accidents with the feline. That’s because cats are hunting and free animals by nature, that is, they are always keeping an eye on what’s going on in the street.

And even if popular belief says that cats have seven lives or that cats always land on their feet, don’t listen. This is all myth and concerns only the feline’s ability to adjust its own body during a fall. However, cats can get hurt. So don’t take chances.


Cats raised exclusively indoors, with no access to the streets, can live up to twice as long as kittens that have access to the outside. It is estimated that, on average, a cat raised only at home can live for up to 16 years, while a street cat can live for a maximum of eight years. This difference in life expectancy is mainly due to the greater risk that a stray cat is subject to, such as the development of diseases, the possibility of being run over, poisoning, and fighting with other cats.


Another characteristic that is very present in cats is the flirtatious instinct. The problem is that the puppies come after dating. So, if your cat is not neutered, the protection screen prevents him from escaping to date and returning home with puppies.

Types of protection screen for cats

Cat protection screens are distinguished by two main aspects: opening size and material. Screen size is important to ensure the kitten does not escape through openings. For kittens or pussies that like to chew and scratch things, the most suitable is the use of protective screens with a 3×3 cm opening. This size is enough for the cat to not be able to pass or even put its snout to try to chew the screen.

The measure 5x5cm is the most recommended for adult cats and cats that have a more peaceful nature, generally, those that are used to living indoors. The material is another important point when choosing the best projection screen for cats. The screen must be made of resistant and durable material, a good choice is the polyethylene screens. Avoid materials that can be broken by the cat’s teeth, such as nylon.

Cat protection screen care

After the protective screen is already installed, it is important to take some basic precautions to ensure that it lasts longer and does not lose resistance, starting to pose risks to your feline. See the tips below:

  • Never remove the screen from its place, either to clean or to make any kind of adjustments. If necessary, call a qualified professional to make the necessary changes;
  • When cleaning the screen, use only a cloth lightly dampened with neutral detergent and water. Do not soak the screen too much, much less use abrasive chemicals. This type of substance can damage the fabric’s fibers and end up breaking the threads over time;
  • Always keep an eye on your kitten and his behavior. If you notice that he is moving, biting, or scratching the screen, check the condition of the material and, if possible, keep your cat away from this environment. It could be that he has his eye on some “prey” out there or another cat. The best thing to do is always to avoid situations that cause the cat to want to go out.

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