Two Rock House by Wolf Architects in Melbourne, Australia

Project: Two Rock House
Architects: Wolf Architects
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Area: 6,500 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of Wolf Architects

Two Rock House by Wolf Architects

The Two Rock House is a luxurious contemporary residence in Australia, designed and completed by Wolf Architectsa studio we’ve recently showcased through their Super Villa in LA and J House in Toorak projects. This time, they’ve built this 6,500 square foot home for two rock star clients, placed between two rocks so the name kinda has two meanings.

Two Rocks… Two Meanings…

The Two Rock house, as the name suggests, sits in between two rocky formations on a hilltop site. WOLF Architects were able to overcome the challenges of a very difficult site and in turn, reap the benefits of the peculiar conditions. Careful studies of the site’s topography and rock foundations created the opportunity for an 8 car basement garage, large enough to accommodate a boat. Skylights placed in the grass funnel natural light directly into the basement, meaning artificial lighting is not as integral in comparison to most basement garages. Toward the rear of the property, there is a double story music studio, overlooking yet another stunning view the site presents. The upper floor is externally very private with minimal windows, however a large central courtyard filters light in. In the main living area below, a fireplace sits to the side of the space and is built from the brass of melted, combined and moulded Zildjian cymbals.

A House for Two Rock Stars..

The entire ground floor operates as one large entertainment space with the family’s bedrooms and private spaces are upstairs. Part of the brief was to make the upper floor completely soundproof from the level below. By separating the various levels of the house with insulated concrete slabs a series of sound proof levels were achieved.

One of the clients was a drummer – the three circular windows on the front and back facade were symbolic of the three main cymbals on a drum kit. The client liked the idea that each one represented a member of the family; husband, wife and child. This idea also allowed for the locations of the bedrooms to be drawn out.

A 25m lap pool extends majestically out to an infinity edge with an expansive view out toward the horizon. Near the edge of the house, the pool wraps around the outdoor entertaining spaces and has a shallow area for children.

The house is fully automated. The owners are able to remotely operate and survey the home and it’s grounds from any location. It allows the owners to keep the house secure and controlled while they may be overseas, even if it’s being occupied by guests. A permanent caretaker lives in a self-contained two-bedroom apartment area attached to the main residence.

Letting Music Penetrate into Everyday life!

Wolf Architects


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