Two Halves House by Moloney Architects in Australia

Project: Two Halves House
Architects: Moloney Architects
Location: Invermay, Australia
Area: 2,583 sq ft
Photographs by: Christine Francis

Two Halves House by Moloney Architects

Moloney Architects have designed the Two Halves House on a hillside in Invermay, Australia.
The interesting piece of information about this design is that as its name suggests, it comprises of two pavilions that are of the exact same size. One of them is where the sleeping areas are located, whereas the other pavilion is home to a living space design with an open plan.

The Two Halves House on Silverwattle Drive is divided in to two pavilions of exactly the same size. The upper level pavilion houses the sleeping areas, whilst the lower level is the kitchen, meals, living spaces and garage. The two forms are offset and seperated far enough so that they don’t overshadow.

The material palette is minimal and raw from the outside, but warm and refined on the inside. Naturally fire-resistant Blackbutt is used for the exterior cladding and windows, and light-toned birch ply is used to line the interior walls and ceilings. A custom-designed steel and Paperock island bench reflects the angles of the split form, including a raked ceiling and skylight that encourages you to look up as well as out.

Moloney Architects


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