Trends To Follow In the Garden And On The Terrace in 2022

Terracegardenbalcony, outdoor spaces have become in just a few years real extensions of our indoor living spaces. Small or large, they are more essential than ever to recharge your batteries and enjoy sunny days. Also for the beautiful season 2022, the garden expresses more than ever the values ​​in vogue. Open-air refuge exacerbated modularity, pop colors and eco-responsibility are gaining ground on the garden side.

A few days before the arrival of spring, we take stock of the major garden and terrace trends to follow for 2022

A modular sofa for an evolving terrace

Small or large, outdoor spaces set their sights on modular garden furniture. Increasingly popular, these smart pieces of furniture with evolving curves make it possible to create convivial spaces that can be adapted according to the number of guests (or the weather!). As in an indoor living room, the modular sofa thus makes all desires tangible: a daybed separated from the armchairs for solo relaxation, a pouf that can be transformed into an improvised coffee table, a very large sofa adapted to the number of guests, everything is possible !

A sheltered terrace for the summer

In 2022, the garden and terrace will be modeled on the house to offer spaces with a haven where it is good to rest. This need for cocoon space even in the exteriors is materialized by the presence of various details.

Priority to comfortable materials and soft shapes. Round rugs, thick cushions, and cozy plaids transform the garden furniture into an extremely comfortable space, unlike in the past. Cannes and claustra are added to this reassuring picture to protect you from prying eyes with efficiency and style. Both indoors and outdoors, the desired goal turns out to be the same again this year: to build a soft refuge cradled in reassuring colors, carefully chosen furniture, and small decorations, just to give extra soul to this space in which we have long reluctant to invest.

Indoor-style outdoor furniture for a garden just like at home

This year again, indoor furniture is moving outdoors. The traditional garden sofa and its coffee table are no longer enough to set up a decor worthy of the name on the terrace side. Carpets, floor lamps, vases, and other highly decorative accessories are added to the garden seating area to become essentials capable of infusing a specific soul and style into the place.

Pots galore for a Provencal atmosphere

On the terrace or the balcony, in the heart of the garden, or along a staircase, the pots put on a show! Preferably in terracotta or enameled ceramic, containers, whether small or large, become essential for creating a trendy exterior largely inspired by courtyards and other Provençal patios. Sporting a cup-like base or round curves, these pots sublimate both the outdoor decor and the plants they house. Palm trees, succulents, cacti are essential in these irresistible containers to brighten up a terrace or a balcony in the same way as traditional garden furniture and other outdoor furniture.

Small decoration to sublimate the walls

The terrace is played like at home by welcoming on its walls a host of decorative accessories that may or may not match the garden furniture. Decorative wall lamp in bamboo to illuminate the patio, retro rattan mirror to enlarge a small terrace, a splash of paint full of pep to give a new dynamic to your outdoor corner: the walls remain perfect supports for creating a new outdoor decor. And over the years, we will eventually understand it!


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