Transform Your Balcony with the Essential Maintenance

Balcony glazing is becoming increasingly common in houses, but mainly in apartments.

This system brings numerous advantages for the residents and the property. But if you still have doubts about whether to go for glazing, continue with us in this post and we will clear essential doubts.

Why invest in balcony glazing

Protection from rain and wind

Glass is a material that provides an excellent seal without blocking the passage of light, making it perfect for balconies.

This keeps the rain and winds out, but the view and light continue to enter the house. It allows you to use the room in peace without fear that moisture will damage furniture, carpets, or other decorative items.

Thermal comfort

Balcony glazing also offers thermal comfort. Because most of the glasses used have UV protection, which prevents the penetration of sunlight.

This UV protection not only makes the environment more pleasant but also favors the furniture and other elements present on the balcony, since these objects age and lose their color due to the sun’s rays.

Maintenance of balcony glazing

Maintenance of closed balconies includes cleaning and checking the operation of the rails and rollers, the condition of the screws, and other elements that make up the system. All this is to ensure the safety and comfort of residents and the longevity of the service.

Glass cleaning must be carried out daily with material-specific products. The person who carries out the cleaning must use the necessary protective equipment to avoid accidents.

It is recommended to call the company responsible for the service once a year to check the rollers and tracks. Those living in coastal regions should aim to do this maintenance more frequently, on average every six months.


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