Top Best Kitchen Designs

Planning is one of the most exciting parts of remodeling and designing a kitchen, and the main goal should always be choosing a practical and functional design and the right material suitable for the layout. Whether your kitchen is large or small, a smart layout is a must and will make a difference in taking advantage of the space you have for it. Today, I’m going to talk about the best kitchen design and layout for you to step ahead on your remodeling.

There’s so much to cover when it comes to remodeling that choosing kitchen designs and materials from a group like Cosentino will save you a lot of time. You will find 5 main types of kitchen designs: Galley, U-Shape, L-Shape, Island Shape, and One-Wall. Although, you should expect modifications or variations depending on the shape and size of the room.

It’s important to get the ergonomics right, making sure there’s enough unused area for an enjoyable movement, and having the heights properly will make a difference too. This is achieved through planning and having the best kitchen design and materials.

Top Most Good-Looking Kitchen Designs

You should know that a floor plan of the area will usually decide the layout, and further variations and modifications to fully accommodate your needs. Here are some of the most frequently used kitchen designs.

Island Kitchen

In recent years, the island kitchen design has gained a lot of popularity, due to its long surface and storage area in the center of the area. Usually, this layout can contain a cooking plate, a wine cooler, a bar, and a prep bowl (often have a couple of these or all of them, depending on the space available).

The area in the middle of the kitchen (the island) is often used as a preparation area or as a table for meals. The island kitchen layout is commonly used in big areas, it’s also an amazing way to add natural flow to the kitchen.

The best island kitchen materials should be resistant and easily clean, you will be using the island to cook and prepare food. So, an ideal material will be resistant to impact, scratches, to water, and stains, like Dekton, which is also resistant to high temperatures. Making it perfect for this setup.

Galley Kitchen

A Galley kitchen or hallway kitchen is one of the best layouts for reduced spaces with two walls, each in front of the other one, creating a passage. The cabinets are placed confronting each other, erasing the use of corner closets and using every centimeter without wasting any space.

Also, it’s more practical for low budgets since it’s a simpler design and uses only important gadgets, and since the space is reduced it’s recommended to use a material that can resist the harshness of daily use, like Silestone. Resistance to stains or acids, and resistance to impact and scratches are a must in the layout.

U-Shape Kitchen

Another great option for bigger areas is the U-shape layout comprises three walls that are adjacent, placing cabinets face to face and in the back, creating the U shape. The amount of storage this layout offers is huge, but it may feel a bit enclosed if you choose to put floating cabinets on each wall, to steer clear of this just put the upper cabinets on one wall or face-to-face on the adjacent walls.

One of the best kitchen designs for many users or families with many members, the U-Shape allows a great workflow due to the space available. For this layout, it is recommended to use a material that will allow any family member to easily clean the area, and it must be anti-stain to avoid any damage caused by the little ones, like Sensa.

L-Shape Kitchen

The most versatile kitchen layout, suitable for large and small areas. The L-shape design has the gadgets and cabinets placed along two walls that are perpendicular. One of the issues with this one is the corners, it needs a wise placement of the cabinets and corner cupboards.

But it has many benefits too, the wide layout of the layout comprises huge flexibility, making the placement of kitchen gadgets and workflow really smooth.

Due to the nature of this design, the workflow is well-distributed. It’s recommended to choose a material that will be evenly unalterable, that will keep its appearance over time, like Scalea.

One Wall

The go-to when it comes to small kitchens, it’s a simple layout, space-wise but keeps the ergonomics, practicality, and functionality in place. The one-wall layout consists in placing the cabinets and appliances against one wall, usually having upper cabinets or shelving.

Due to the lack of space to work on, all the action and multiple tasks will take place in a reduced space, the area will go under intensive use, it’s highly recommended to use durable materials, like Dekton, that can resist hard work and even heat without damages.


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