Top 5 Bedroom Designs

When looking for inspiration while planning a bedroom, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the various trends that are currently prevailing in the interior design industry. Some styles never get old, and it is good to use them as a base when creating your dream bedroom.

Depending on whether you like harmonious combinations, or crazy arrangements, a good, timeless base is the foundation to go mad with additions. In minimalist bedrooms, it is the accessories that determine the style of the room, so they must be chosen in a thoughtful way. On the other hand, in a country-style interior, a majestic wooden bed frame can be the focal point of a room and strongly define its style.

In this article, we will introduce you to the 5 most fashionable bedroom designs that will inspire you when planning your sleeping asylum. It is in your hands to get inspired and give your bedroom a soul.

Rustic bedroom

In a rustic bedroom, the most important role can be played by a bed frame – which, preferably, could be large, heavy, and wooden. For a comfortable bed, make sure you adjust a proper mattress. It is not easy to find one, and you may need mattress guides to pick the one that suits your needs. It’s best if the furniture in a rustic bedroom is wooden and made in a way that gives them a rough look.

Let the bedroom climate be natural and rural. In such a room, accessories such as lanterns, old kerosene lamps, large candles, or plants in raw clay pots will work great. The rustic style is dominated by natural wood, field flowers in vases, and natural textiles such as linen or wool. A woolen blanket thrown over the bed’s wooden frame will warm up the room and give it coziness.

White bedroom

White color is a perfect choice for bedrooms that are not spacious enough. It brightens and opens up space, which enlarges the room. You can opt for a total look and not choose other colors for your bedroom. Then you can bet not only on white walls but also on furniture, textiles, and accessories. Please, remember that you can use various shades of white such as ivory, alabaster, and pearl. The room that is mostly in white, lacks an accessory that will draw attention. You need colors, both on accessories that can be in delicate pastel colors, and on dark objects that will focus attention.

If you’re wondering what furniture will look great in white, the answer depends on what style you prefer the most. Because both minimalist, modern shapes, and romantic milled furniture look great in white. When choosing a color, it is also worth considering that the white bedroom will be the easiest way to rest after a hard day. You will relax and calm your nerves.

Two colored bedroom

Who said the bedroom color should be uniform? You can paint the walls in two colors to introduce freshness and modernity to your room. Two colors for the bedroom can be added by contrasting duets. But, only people who like bold, colorful interiors should decide on this solution. An exciting combination is an anthracite gray or very dark, almost black green combined with dirty pink. Also orange with cool, dark brown or navy blue with warm brown look great together. It is also fashionable to use the ombre effect on the walls, where one color gradually changes into the other. Pastel colors work very well in those arrangements.

Romantic style

Real photo of a romantic bedroom interior with a big bed, red blanket, rose and commode

If you like the romantic style and want it to prevail in your bedroom, you can play with color but also with additions. The most vivid accessories that can completely change the style of a room are textiles. Changing the curtains to delicate pastel-colored ones will make you feel like the room becomes romantic. You can also choose the material on the pillows, and add soft, cozy blankets and put them on the bed. The romantic bedroom can not lack candles that can be lit in the evening to create the right mood. Ensure that the candles are in a color that matches the rest of the accessories, then the style of the room will be more consistent.


Remember that the most important thing is not to follow trends, but to design your bedroom so that you feel good in it. It is meant to be your oasis of peace and a place where you can relax after a busy day. From the above suggestions, you will definitely be able to choose something for yourself. Adding decorations that express your personality will make you feel at home. Remember that you have unlimited arrangement options when planning your dream bedroom.

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