Top 23 Breathtaking Kids-Friendly DIY Christmas Decorations

Again the Christmas time is knocking on the door, and there is no cheaper and better way to cheer up your children than to make together unique, and amazing homemade Christmas decorations, to turn your home into a warm Christmas home. You do not want to spend money every year on the same generic ornaments or simply want a home Christmas decorations in the style that you like? Here are a few simple and effective ideas. We have found inspiration on the Internet, and with our suggestions you can add elements that will make the decorations to be more in the spirit of Christmas.

Recycling is increasingly popular primarily because of environmental awareness, but also definitely because the trends now are, from something old, used up, to do something new and unique. If you want an attractive and beautiful candles, recycle old jars of jams. If you decide for a new, eye-catching ornaments for the Christmas tree, recycle bulbs! If you do not have too much time for this sort of thing, get yourself day off and find time for your children to create memorable decorations which will remember all the life. Christmas decorations do not have to be expensive and bought – you create them yourself quickly and easily with the help of your kids and our pictorial guides!








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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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