The Tobaco Hotel in Lodz by EC-5 Architects

The Tobaco Hotel is located in the centre of Lodz, among historic tenement houses and old factory buildings. The hotel is part of the historic factory building complex. Since 1895, Karol Kretschmer had operated a wool textile factory there. In 1932, the National Cigarette Factory opened on the former textile factory premises. Nowadays, the whole building complex has been modernised and adapted to housing and hotel purposes.

The hotel’s interior has been designed by the EC-5 Architects studio. The interiors reflect the spirit of the 50s and 60s. The dominant colours, both in hotel rooms and communal areas, are steel gray and vivid blue, violet and green. The yellow colour constitutes the leitmotiv of the whole complex. It appears in the corporate identity and in the decoration. Many interior furnishings, as well as most furniture, have been made of walnut veneer, the finishing of which is high gloss and matt. Dark and vivid colours have been confronted with white walls, floor and window decoration. Thanks to this technique, the effect of bright and spacious interiors has been achieved.

The architects’ desire was to emphasise the industrial background of the complex. Brick walls and ceilings have been displayed wherever possible. The same goes with bare concrete that has been used in many places, for instance to build the reception counter. In addition, the wiring of the main hall’s ceiling has been left exposed. The restaurant, situated in the hotel’s basement, most closely reflects the industrial character of the place. Natural materials, such as walnut wood and original old planks, have been used, for instance, to create the bar. The walls are full of bare bricks combined with the shades of black, steel grey, white and light blue. Soft colouring has been enriched with the tints of gold and blue used in the decoration, such as the wall mosaic and 50s style chairs and lamps. On the other hand, in the breakfast hall you will find a dynamically-shaped built-in buffet counter, designed with the use of corian and gold laminate.

About EC-5 Architects

EC-5 Architects is a design studio that specialises in architecture as well as interior design for hospitality industry. There are a number of projects developed for hotels, restaurants as well as in the company’s portfolio.  A group of experienced and passionate designers and architects who work for the studio creates unique designs, which distinguish the properties from the competitors.

About Arche Group

Arche has started its development activity in 1991. For more than 20 years, the company has built over 4,000 apartments, houses and hotels. We are present in different segments of the estate market, starting from functional, economic flats, up to spacious, exclusive, apartments or lofts. We are also engaged in monuments renovations. Our portfolio consists of: Janow Podlaski Castle, Lochow Palace, Tobaco Hotel. Arche is also active in charity. 1% of company’s income is transfered to support Foundation of Lena Grochowska, which main goal is to provide flats for Kazakstan repatriates.


Project: The Tobaco Hotel in Lodz (Poland)

Studio: EC-5 Architects

Design Team: Luiza Jodłowska, Martyna Nowak, Hanna Pietras, Piotr Płóciennik, Dorota Szafrańska

Investor: Arche Group

The Tobaco Hotel in Lodz by EC-5 Architects The Tobaco Hotel in Lodz by EC-5 Architects The Tobaco Hotel in Lodz by EC-5 Architects

The Tobaco Hotel in Lodz by EC-5 Architects
The Tobaco Hotel in Lodz by EC-5 Architects

Hotel Tobaco, was awarded with two prestigious awards: Best Hotel Interior Europe and Best Hotel Interior Poland. The results were announced during the awards gala that took place at the London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square on October 14th.


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