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Tips On How To Do Half Painted Walls

One day, someone somewhere, decided to divide the wall in half and create a totally new painting: the half-painted wall. From that day on, interior design was never the same.

Never again! Nowadays the half-painted wall is everywhere, coloring houses and even businesses and companies, guaranteeing a modern and stylish touch for any environment. And you certainly must be crazy about life to transform the walls of your house with this trend, right? We help you from here with beauty tips and inspirations, come and see!

For example, the color analogous to green is blue, so they also match. 

And a tip: if you want to cause the feeling of spaciousness in the room, use the darker color in the bottom half, but if the intention is to create a warm and intimate atmosphere, but the dark color in the upper half.

How to paint half a wall

As you may already imagine making a half wall you will need to divide and mark the wall at the time you want to paint. 

To do this, have a measuring tape, pencil, and masking tape in hand. Measure the desired height of the half wall and make markings along the entire wall. Then draw a line using the masking tape. 

The next step is to protect furniture and floors from splashing paint. Use canvas, cardboard, or some old fabric. 

Apply the paint and wait for complete drying to find out if a second coat will be necessary.  Ready! Your half-wall has been successfully painted.

Check out these beautiful half-painted wall ideas below:











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