Painted Walls – A Timeless Classic Trend For Budget Friendly Interior Decor

The decor of your home is affected by a myriad different things. Some of them contribute more, others less but one part of any room in particular is very noticeable. The walls. Their sheer surface is able to transform the room’s decor with its color, pattern or design in general. But being as huge as they are, walls can get pretty expensive to pretty up. There are tons of ideas that use all kinds of materials to add shapes, patterns and finishes to your walls but they never mention the amount of work and the cost of the materials need to get it done. So, how can you treat your interior walls without breaking the bank but still enhance the decor?
First of all, get a paint sprayer for interior walls and return to the roots of wall decor – paint! Yes, paint is still an option which many people tend to ignore.

This classic wall decor style is the classic way to give life to your interior walls. It is simple and budget friendly yet it can totally transform your interior. There isn’t always a need to add fancy things to your walls. What we want to suggest is that you should try the classic way of decorating your home first.
So, how can you do it?
To begin with, painting your walls is not rocket science. There are two ways of doing it. You can use a brush or you can use a sprayer. If you’re only covering a small area, then a brush might be the right choice but a paint sprayer will make it a lot easier for you, especially if you are painting entire walls or need to be precise. It will also make you finish the job faster and take care of hard-to-reach areas without messing up the surroundings.

Check out some of the classic ideas that we have featured below and you might find something for every room in your house. Some of them work best with single color walls while others will show you how to put an accent to certain areas such as horizontal beams or small walls.
Regardless of what you’re trying to achieve, think of your interior walls as blank canvases just waiting to come alive with color. And don’t forget, white paint is also a valid color for your walls.

Single Tone

Dual tone


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