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Inspiring Decoration Photos Of Floating Beds You Will Love

The world of decoration and interior design is always surprising. And this time, the floating bed is the one who comes to provoke the senses. So it is! Imagine having a bed suspended in the air? This is what this bed promises. And we tell you here the secret for this to happen. 

Come and see! 

What is a floating bed?

It is not magic, nor is it an illusionist trick. The floating bed is actually something much simpler than it looks, despite the incredible effect it provides. This type of bed has a recessed base, usually square, instead of the traditional feet. It is precisely this retreat from the base that creates the illusion that the bed is floating. 

Remember that all beds can receive this floating effect, from single to king size. The final touch to create that floating bed feeling is the installation of the LED strips on the base. The lighting reinforces this optical illusion and brings an even more dramatic effect to the bed.

Ready to fall in love with beautiful floating bed ideas? Then check out the 9 images we’ve selected and get inspired. 










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