Tips On How To Clean American Barbecue

Since the last post was dedicated to the famous American barbecue, now we bring the tips on how to take care of her in a manner of cleaning.

Below you can see a basic step-by-step guide to cleaning the American barbecue, regardless of the model chosen, thus ensuring that it is always ready for the next Sunday.Β 

  • Start by separating a bucket with hot water, degreaser or multipurpose and steel sponge;
  • Wait for the grill to cool down completely before cleaning;
  • To clean the inside of the grill, remove the grill and let it soak in hot water with a little degreaser;
  • In the case of a charcoal grill, take advantage of this moment to collect the ashes and embers that are at the bottom;
  • Avoid rubbing the bottom of the grill, especially if it is enameled. Always clean gently;
  • After removing the largest dirt, pass a cloth moistened with warm water and degreasing on the inside of the barbecue;
  • Return to the grill and remove the fat with the help of the steel sponge;
  • The outside of the barbecue must be cleaned carefully so as not to scratch it, especially if it is made of stainless steel;
  • Use a soft cloth dampened with neutral detergent and wipe the entire external surface;
  • Don’t worry if the grill doesn’t look new. The heat and cooking process can change the color of the grill, especially on the inside.Β The important thing is that it is sanitized for the next use.

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