Tips for Planning an Amazing Rustic Edicule

 A corner of peace and tranquillity in the house itself. Do you know what his name is? rustic edicule. Cosy, comfortable and inviting, this outhouse model can be used for a variety of purposes. 

Come with us to check out the tips on rustic edicule and find out how this space can be even better used in your home.

What is an edicule (shed)?

The shed is a building attached to the main house, usually located in the back, near the backyard or garage. In Brazil, the edicule is widely used as a space for family and friends gatherings. 

Therefore, it ends up being the perfect space for the construction of a gourmet area, equipped with a barbecue and kitchen, connecting directly with the external area (pool, garden, playground).

In this case, it is even possible to plan the edicule with a bathroom and dressing room so that people have greater freedom and comfort when changing clothes. That way you also prevent people from walking around inside the main house with pool clothes, for example.

But that’s not all the shed is for. This small construction is also ideal for setting up a home office. If you work from home and need a quiet place for your activities, don’t even think twice.

The shed still functions as a guest house, art and sewing studio, a warehouse for unused materials and trinkets or even a little club for children. 

Everything will depend on the space you have available and the needs of your family. 

Features of a rustic house

Regardless of how you intend to use the outhouse, one thing is for sure: it will be rustic in style. But what defines a rustic cottage? By definition, rustic is everything that is in a raw, natural state and that has suffered little or no human interference. 

Therefore, it is very common for rustic-style projects to work with natural materials such as wood, mud bricks, straw, bamboo, stones and, of course, a good landscape design to tie all these elements together. 

In the decoration of the rustic house, in turn, it is possible to think of elements such as natural fibre fabrics, such as linen and cotton, for the upholstery. And maybe a sisal rug in the middle of the shed? It’s beautiful and cosy. If the idea is to create a gourmet area in the edicule, bet on kitchen utensils made of iron, copper, clay and ceramics. 

The furniture can be made with demolition wood or even in a vintage style, rescuing pieces from thrift stores and antique fairs. It is also worth thinking about a stone fireplace, very rustic, to welcome on winter days.

How about now check out these rustic cottage ideas and get inspired to make your own project? Look that!











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