Tips for Making The Best Version of Your Dream Living Room

Make your home to be the perfect version of your dream home. Stop the chaos in your living room with these simple rules. If you are unable to give away the excess furniture as soon as you buy a new, your living room will soon be chaos. Key elements of comfortable living room are: comfortable sofa, a comfortable chair and two chairs – smaller, who will stand by the sofa, and more classic club chair in front of it. Here is inevitable and a solid bookshelf, of some simple shelves.

Remember that the rule is about 70 percent of the surface of the table should be empty. Or even 75 percent. All details that could take parts of that space should find a place in drawers or on a shelf.  Nobody tells you to quit nubs. It is important to be able to be easily removed and returned during cleaning, so it is a great idea to make them as one whole. Put such a large platter and it will be easy to move them whenever needed.

One remote is for TV, another for DVD, air-conditioner, etc … Put them all in a nice elegant box that will look as beautiful decoration and it will protect them from dust.


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Enter rule that on the shelves are not allowed to stand more than three items that are not books. No matter how bizarre it may sound, all those who spend hours wiping dust from a peak trifles know what trouble it is. So keep books on the shelves, and if you have some trifles, let be a maximum of three. And another rule: Make sure all trifles to be in a similar color. It will reduce the impression of chaos.

If you want to have pictures of your loved ones, do not let the shelves and tables to be transformed in album. Therefore images should be secured in a frame. It is also good to be grouped in frames with similar colors. So apply these rules and prevent the chaos in your living room. Have a wonderful fun while doing it!



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