Tips For Choosing The Best Ceramics For the Pool

Responsible for ensuring beauty, functionality and safety, pool ceramics is one of the best coating options for this external area of ​​the house.

And in this post, you can find many reasons to be even more sure that this is the right choice. Come and see:

Tough and durable

Ceramic is one of the most used types of flooring and it’s easy to see why. The floor is highly resistant and durable, resisting traffic and the pressure exerted on it very well.

In the case of ceramics for swimming pools, the coating still earns points for being resistant to UV rays, that is, it will hardly lose its colour, suffering from the fading of colours.

Pool ceramics are also resistant to materials used for cleaning, especially chlorine, a highly corrosive substance that can easily damage more fragile materials.

Another great advantage of ceramic is its impermeability. In other words, pool ceramics do not absorb water, which contributes to the conservation of the pool’s masonry structure.

Easy to clean

Pool ceramics also take advantage of maintenance. The lack of porosity of the ceramic prevents the material from accumulating dirt.

However, ceramic still suffers from residual fat left in the water. However, cleaning is simple, requiring only a soft loofah and the products indicated for cleaning the pool.

Variety of colours and finishes

Undoubtedly, pool ceramics score a lot here. Nowadays there is a multitude of models of pool coverings, varying in colour, shape and size of the pieces.

The most used ceramics are those in a square shape, similar to a tile, in green or blue to ensure the characteristic tone of the water.

However, it is still possible to opt for ceramics with different prints and in different colours, even white and black, capable of creating incredible designs at the bottom of the pool.

The format can also be customized. Small ceramics, for example, are very similar to glass tablets, but with the advantage of being more resistant and accessible.


For those who want a beautiful and inexpensive project, pool ceramics are also the best option.

This is one of the most cost-effective coatings on the market since its durability and low maintenance requirements mean that ceramics require few repairs and almost no replacement over time.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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