Things to Do Before Purchasing Vintage Wallpapers

Before scrutinizing through the millions of wallpapers at wallpaperfromthe70s, you have to collect valuable information, such as the size and layout of the room. A room with conehead inside shape can be difficult to paper. While considering the shape of your room, it is essential to check the floor plan. A room with many windows or doors and several large art pieces may not have sufficient space for wallpaper. Art pieces can take up maximum visual wall space. These rooms may not need wallpapers. Here are some things to do before purchasing vintage wallpapers.

Measure Available Space of Walls to Cover

If you have a maximum exposed wall space in your room, you can buy wallpaper or fancy sheets for decoration. If you are ready to spend money, you can choose one of your favorite patterns. A large-scale pattern may ready more clearly on vast swaths of walls. If you have limited space, feel free to select paint or allover pattern. Pattern scales can be a good choice for your living room.

Steaminess Factors in Your Room

Usually, powder rooms are the famous places to hang vintage wallpapers. They look more petite than several other rooms in your house. You may feel safe with bold, vintage papers. They may seem less steamy and hot than a kitchen, or a full bath would be. You may find wallpapers to withstand moisture. Keep it in mind that each pattern can’t make a durable wallpaper. Make sure to check different options before choosing a tough wallpaper for kitchen or a full bath.

Kid-friendly Wallpapers

If you are choosing wallpaper for children’s room, make sure to buy kid-friendly wallpapers. Dark colors are better than other colors. Something made of natural fiber and wallpaper that can’t be wiped or washed clean would not stand the marker or crayons of children. Painted walls can be a suitable option for a few sections, but repapering could be a bigger ordeal. Keep it in mind that it is impossible to clean a crayon attack from natural-fiber wallpaper.

Hanging of Vintage Wallpaper

Vintage wallpapers can be fragile, so putting them on the walls can be a tedious task. You must not hang these wallpapers yourself. Several vintage wallpapers made of paper instead of vinyl. You can’t apply these wallpapers with a modern paste because it can destroy your efforts. Make sure to prepare a mixture of wheat paste and thoroughly soak the wallpapers to make them stick.

You can trim edges of wallpapers precisely. A professional hanger may trim both sides of sheets, tattered opposing edges and selvage edges. Consider some shrinkage in wallpaper rolls when they dry. It is important to measure carefully after completing the work.

Designing with Wallpaper

You may find it easy to get a paint mix for your room, but it would be difficult to find a vintage wallpaper for your walls. Fortunately, you can browse an online collection of vintage wallpapers to buy your desired items. Consider the colors and size of your walls before purchasing anything.

Make sure to consider small spaces while covering your walls with wallpaper. Inside doors of the closet are essential to decorate with wallpapers. Professionals may use a matte, clear protective topper. Instead of coating, try to keep your room humidified during the dry season to avoid cracks and wrinkles in the wallpapers.


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