These Are the Best Countries to Work as an Architect

There are few industries in the world today that are truly global in every sense of the word. One profession that can confidently lay claim to this title is that of the architect. Although the professional requirements for architects can be very specifically based on the country of instruction, these distinctions seem to matter little after graduation.

Many of the top employers in the field, such as Gensler, IBI Group, Perkins + Will, and Sweco employ architects in dozens of countries and often boast portfolios that span every continent. But which countries are the best places for architects to work and to find exciting opportunities? Read this explainer to find out.

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Demand for architects in India, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and home to dozens of the most vibrant urban areas on the planet, is currently soaring. There is a huge wealth of job opportunities for architects from every discipline. The country of 1.3 billion has been identified by industry experts as the next “hotspot” for ambitious architects, thanks partly to the huge amount of corporate commissions coming from newly monied tech hubs like Kolkata and Bengaluru, as well as a housing construction boom of historic proportions.


Anyone who has studied architecture at any level will be aware of the importance of Norway in the architect’s popular imagination. The country frequently serves as a case study in lessons, with its world-beating infrastructure and tendency to build stunning, human-focused developments amid often inhospitable terrain. In addition, Norway is also a major hub for architects, with Oslo hosting a large number of top firms, each competing to play their part in the city’s unprecedented construction boom. What’s more, the working language of the architecture industry in Norway is English.

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As one of the wealthiest and most globalized economies on the face of the Earth, Switzerland has always been a haven for ambitious architects. The mountainous European nation is in constant need of talented architects to help with its complicated infrastructure and housing needs, as well as the seemingly never-ending demand for flashy finance HQs. What’s more, architect salaries in Switzerland are some of the highest in the world.

It’s worth noting that anyone wishing to make it as an architect in Switzerland should have a comfortable command of the French language before they begin their job hunt. If your French needs some work, you can fast-track the learning process by opting for one-on-one remote French classes with native speakers, who can quickly help you develop conversational French skills ahead of your Swiss adventure.


While the boom time is largely considered to be over for architects in the overstuffed UAE, the region still has plenty of opportunities for ambitious architects. The tiny city-state is undergoing a building boom that requires architects of all stripes, with a huge number of projects having been kickstarted by the 2022 World Cup. As Qatar continues to diversify its economy, the architectural and infrastructural needs will evolve, which will require talented architects. Much like its neighbors, the working language is generally English in the architecture field.


It seems like every other day a new mega-project is announced in the UK capital. Whether it’s the Tulip, Wood Wharf, or the questionably named 1 Undershaft, London’s appetite for architects is stronger right now than anywhere else in Europe. With pretty much every notable architecture firm on Earth having an office in London, a talented architect won’t struggle to find opportunities. It also helps that architects at all levels tend to be very handsomely paid in London, with the average salary for new posts sitting at close to Β£70,000 ($95,000).

These are the best places to work as an architect right now. Are they on your list?


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