The trend for colorful bathrooms – Atmospheres that will surprise you!

The colorful bathroom theme is undoubtedly the most unexpected of the 2023 decorating ideas. This sculpture, which is frequently envisaged in very traditional colors, is now decked out in vibrant hues, which is ideal for adding some fun!

A bathroom in green

The green bathroom will entice you with its reputation for tranquillizing qualities and its diverse sources of inspiration.

The green wall tiles glow when combined with golden faucets, giving them a very opulent appearance. We adore the various layouts in the two settings below, both of which present a modern interpretation of the bathroom.

The trend for terracotta bathrooms

The on-trend terracotta bathroom gives us a fresh perspective on design. This chic color adds flare and individuality while warming up the white and black.

It is a daring but very stylish decision!

A bathroom in dark blue

The dark blue bathrooms are true gems.

The environment features a really excellent combination of various material effects, including cement tile flooring, wall sconces made of alabaster, and a basin and splashback made of natural stone with remarkable veining. The colors and materials that are chosen emphasize the intimate feeling of the little area.

A bathroom in pink

We are in love with this pink bathroom! And sure, this color will create a cocoon in which one dreams of surrounding themselves because it implies tenderness and delicacy.

Pink is a gentle, radiant color that is often associated with white and reflects a charming personality. We really enjoy it when coupled with terrazzo, either on a basin or a floor like this one.

A pink and green bathroom

This one ought to appeal to those who enjoy airy atmospheres. This bathroom is a tribute to tenderness with its water-green wall tiles and rounded powder-pink furniture.

In order to recreate this ambiance at home, choose pastel colors and bet on curves for both the faucets and the accessories (mirror, basins, wall lights, etc.). Finally, minimalism is crucial for this to function.


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