The Red Burrow Lighting Exhibition by Unorthodox Designs

Project: The Red Burrow
Architects: Unorthodox Designs
Location: AceTech Exhibition 2023
Photographs by: Avesh Gaur

The Red Burrow by Unorthodox Designs

Illuminating the ACETech exhibition with an innovative booth design, Unorthodox Designs X Lumvel Lighting Solutions transcended traditional notions of showcasing lighting fixtures by being a testament to the artistry of light, captivating visitors with an immersive experience that goes beyond mere illumination.

Spanning a meticulously designed space of 100sqm, the booth’s layout was a journey through strategically placed light and shadows wherein visitors were led on a mapped route, ensuring no corner was left unexplored. The design, a harmonious blend of straight lines and graceful curves, created a seamless flow and added depth, contributing to an overall immersive experience with unique character. What set this booth apart was its commitment to portraying the transformative power of light, not merely the fixtures themselves.

The entry foyer welcomed visitors with a mesmerizing play of lights forming a captivating vista, centered on a carefully arranged plant that not only caught attention but also set the tone for the entire space. The exterior of the booth was punctuated with intriguing openings, maintaining an air of mystery and enticing curiosity about what lay within. The booth’s aesthetic charm was enhanced by the use of a terracotta shade on the walls, creating a bold and earthy backdrop while the interiors adorned a soothing beige concrete texture that maintained a harmonious balance, ensuring a serene yet impactful ambiance.

The sculptural and zen-like atmosphere was enhanced by focal points adorned with vibrant greens and statement decor pieces, creating visual interest and drawing attention to Lumvel’s lighting prowess. The seamless integration of these elements resulted in an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive environment.

Another highlight of the booth was the inclusion of a dark room, where their diverse range of lighting products unveiled a paragon of creativity. The seamless integration of various elements created a visually pleasing and functional space, allowing visitors to witness the nuanced impact of Lumvel’s offerings. The addition of this dark room to the overall design added a layer of sophistication and intrigue.

Beyond its visual appeal, the booth served its functional purpose flawlessly. The carefully planned layout facilitated easy navigation, encouraging engagement and interaction with Lumvel’s lighting innovations. Visitors left with not only a deeper understanding of Lumvel’s products but also a newfound appreciation for the artistry of Unorthodox designs and the impact that thoughtful lighting design can bring. The fusion of bold terracotta, subdued concrete textures, and strategic placement of focal points created an atmosphere that was both visually stunning and harmoniously functional. Lumvel’s booth emerged as a beacon of innovation, showcasing the brand’s dedication to transforming spaces through the mastery of light.

-Project description and images provided by Unorthodox Designs



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