The Pear Pouf Is The Ultimate Versatile Booster Seat

Do you like reading, listening to music or just daydreaming… and it can happen to you in any room of the house?

Unfortunately, your favorite chair doesn’t follow you everywhere!

Opt for a pear pouf!

Lightweight and nomadic, it will move anywhere according to your current needs!


This design icon straight from Italy is the original model of the pear pouf! Created in 1968 by 3 Italian designers, it is the most anatomical model there is, by its shape and padding.

This pouf adapts perfectly to the shape of the body thanks to the polystyrene balls which move inside. The upper part naturally becomes a backrest and the whole armchair supports without ever constraining!

It can easily go from inside to outside without fear thanks to its waterproof, fireproof, stain-resistant, and antibacterial coating!


Standard poufs offer a rather modern design, not always easy to integrate into a more classic interior. This is why it has had a makeover by dressing in velvet, in sober and intense shades. Its conical shape and microbead interior will support your head as well as your shoulders or legs.

This velvet pouf is both soft and warm, perfect for curling up and even taking a nap. Practical and nomadic while being chic and refined, it is sure to please the decoration fan that you are!


This rectangle ottoman is adorned with accessories to increase its functionality and your comfort! Horizontally, it is a comfortable mattress to relax in the open air. It’s when you want to stand up slightly that the ingenuity of the side straps appears.

They allow you to create a more or less inclined backrest depending on the setting. Thus transformed into an outdoor bench, you can have a drink or read a book in relaxed mode!

With 10 ultra-washable and durable colors, it’s a long-lasting investment.


The pouf is no longer confined to the row of a booster seat, it becomes a real decorative armchair that contributes to the style of a room. It is now installed in the middle of the living room, with charm and panache!

It will interfere with ingenuity in a Scandinavian living room decor, thanks to its corduroy, warm and trendy! Sometimes pink or gray, it offers a cozy, suave, and warm seat.

For a cozy atmosphere, decorate with cushions, plaid, and raffia lamps, for a natural decor!


This chair perfectly illustrates the name common to this pear-shaped seat!

It represents the fruit, embellished with its stem and two leaves. Its coating is made entirely of organic cotton, which is soft and healthy for the skin. The softness of this pouf is incomparable, you will dive into it with delight.

Particularly suitable for a toddler, it will find its place next to a children’s bookcase!


You know the leather pouf to rest your feet and the bean bag for the outside? But have you tested this top comfort seat in the shape of a lounge chair?

All the flexibility of a long version of a pear pouf, to extend your legs while keeping your shoulders raised. It gives the perfect position to watch a series or read a good book!


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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