The Path to the Summit in Stubai, Tyrol by SNOW Architecture

Project: The path to the summit in Stubai, Tyrol
Architects: SNOW Architecture
Location: Stubai Valley, Tyrol, Austria
Photographs by: SNOW.Photography

The Path to the Summit in Stubai, Tyrol by SNOW Architecture

SNOW Architecture out of Austria have submitted their latest project – The path to the summit in Stubai, Tyrol. This amazing design is an example of the importance of the philosophy of the initial idea behind each project. It is designed for clients who are connected to the Tyrolean mountains and the whole concept of this residence revolves around creating an intimate connection to the Austrian Alps. But we can’t explain the idea of this project as much as the people who came up with it so go on and read what they had to say about it.


The project in Stubai is an example for the importance of a philosophy and an initial idea behind every single project. Since the owners of the house are personally and professionally engaged with the Tyrolean mountains the main principle was to broadcast this special bond they have with the Alps. The central thought of the project is to provide the path to a summit cross which can was visualised with the shape of the roof. This shape was constructed in a way that provides tremendous views from each direction – just as if you were enjoying the view from the summit cross of a mountain.


The contours of the roof are building a free from which creates a dynamic look for the whole project. The summit cross is a visual component and the extensive integration of green areas are a perfect match for the mountainous area surrounding the building.

The façade was divided into two parts to strengthen the edgy structure of the roof.  Moreover, the overall shape was kept as clear and extensive as possible. Here, also the windows play an important role within the conceptualization. They were placed according to the roof construction and offer a modern and strong line, including a maximum of views, but also relevant sight protection from the outside.


The interior design is focusing on reduced forms and high class materials, with some discreet highlights that emphasize on the calm and clear structure. The overall concept is quite open, with furniture boxes giving some clear lines, without interrupting the flow of the interior concept. The rafters on the ceiling consist of retro-timber which create a visual contrast to the clean design of the interior. The light concept is another highlight of the project, as it lies between the wood rafters and was developed to spread the light evenly across the most important areas.

Natural and untreated resources were an important factor to create a natural and regional atmosphere. A special highlight is the traditional Austrian “Stube” made of local timbers. Such traditional details, combined with modern aspects unite both, modern design and traditional comfort.

-Project description provided by SNOW Architecture



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