The most beautiful Ibiza-style terrace inspirations

Who doesn’t dream of having a holiday-style terrace? We have selected for you the most beautiful Ibiza-style terrace inspirations, perfect for creating an oasis of freshness in your garden.

What colors for an Ibiza-style terrace?

Colors play an essential role in creating an atmosphere, whether indoors or outdoors. For the decoration of an Ibiza-style terrace, we advise you to use shades of blue (turquoise or indigo) and green (mint green or water green) which recall the beautiful colors of the sea. Combined with white, this will create a soothing and refreshing atmosphere, perfect for long summer days.

What materials for an Ibiza-inspired terrace decoration?

The materials make it possible to bring texture and cachet: here too, this is a part that is not negligible. For an Ibiza-inspired terrace decor, you will have to bet on natural materials, such as stone, and wood, but also natural fiber elements.

For a more contemporary look, imitation stone tiles are a good option. We will choose it in light tones such as a light gray or a very soft beige. Never white, because the reflections of the sun may dazzle you! And to bring cachet, we will bet on a pose in Roman opus.

Finally, masonry elements in cellular concrete are also very fashionable, especially to create small low walls, alcoves, or benches.

On the furniture side, we will try to favor wooden or aluminum elements with sober lines. Textiles will preferably be light in color: white, off-white, or beige. You can also play on small accessories with ethnic motifs to bring a hint of graphic style.

Lush vegetation

To successfully decorate your Ibiza Style terrace, you will need to bet on lush vegetation to create a real oasis of freshness. For this, there are a multitude of possibilities, both in terms of shrubs, plants, and cacti. Here are a few examples: Bougainvillea, olive tree, oleander, palm tree, umbrella pine, but also all varieties of cacti and succulents.

For the decorative touch, we can also accumulate pots and planters: in colored plastic for a modern side; or in terracotta for a more traditional style.

Now that you know all the elements to combine to create an Ibiza-style terrace, get inspired with these layouts, each one more beautiful than the next.










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