The Most Beautiful Balcony Lounge Models For Spring

When you are lucky enough to have a balcony – especially when you live in the city – you have to find a way to furnish this outdoor space with style. For this, many pieces of furniture are both practical and clever, which allow you to furnish, decorate and successfully fit out the balcony as a place to live. The first of them remains the timeless garden furniture for breakfast in the sun or dinner alone! 

Balcony lounge: which one to choose?

The balcony is a space to be invested in, just as much as the interior. Small or large balcony, it is also an airlock to the outside, a breather, a place to sit and enjoy the good weather! If it is well laid out and decorated, you will enjoy settling in there with a cup of tea and a good book, basking in the sun (taking care to protect yourself), or having lunch there. We bet on two-in-one furniture! On the seat side, we choose folding chairs like a guinguette chair in steel or wood, depending on the style you want to give to your balcony. As for the table, we prefer a table suspended from the balcony or a folding model for optimized outdoor space. With these clever models, balcony railing, we gain considerable space, which allows us to also install decoration, a few plants or storage.  

Another possible option that completely saves space: is the high bar. With its ultra-practical high stools that can be stored under the high table, this high lounge is perfect for a narrow, long balcony.

1. A garden furniture for a small space

2. A high bar for balcony

3. A balcony lounge for two

4. A cheap balcony lounge

5. A small wooden balcony lounge

6. Low garden furniture for the balconyv


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