The History of The Bed Set Starts in The Medieval Period

The bed is one of the few pieces of furniture that humans have been using since the beginning. Although beds have changed dramatically over the centuries, they have been in use since Neanderthals, and even some apes will make and sleep on beds.

By contrast, the bed set is a rather new concept that wasn’t adopted by the masses until the 20th century. Yet the very first bed sets were crafted from solid wood by artisans for royalty or the very wealthy. Here are some interesting tidbits about the evolution of bed sets.

The Medieval period

The Medieval period saw a shift from the simple furniture of centuries gone by to the opulence that people associate with celebrities like Henry VIII. Furniture throughout the castle would be ornately carved, and possibly monogrammed, by the finest woodworking artisans in the land.

Furniture quickly became a symbol of wealth, and as such matching bedroom furniture sets were born. Centuries later, the most popular traditional bed sets are available from Glory furniture collections. Go to an online furniture store like to see these and other complete bedroom sets in the Traditional style.


During the Renaissance, the “modern” bedroom became more commonplace. By the end of the 17th century, most homes of the middle class also had ornate and matching furniture for their private bedrooms.

The Victorian age

Prosperity boomed during the Victorian era, and private bedrooms were considered a foregone conclusion as new homes were built. Almost everyone had a bedroom separate from the rest of the house. This was really the birth of the matched bedroom set. Poorer households might share a bedroom, but it would still be separated from the rest of the house with walls and a door or curtain.

Moving into the 20th century

In the mid-modern era, bedroom sets became commonplace. During the roaring 20s art deco bed sets were extremely popular, and they are still available today. As we moved to the mid-century modern era, matched furniture sets became colorful and trendy. Everyone wanted their own bed set for their private bedroom. Guest bedrooms also became popular mid-century, which further increased the demand for matching bedroom furniture that would impress visitors.

The modern era

In 1981, the great comedian George Carlin ranted about “A Place for My Stuff.” He was poking fun at the fact that Americans are so capitalistic that they accumulate more and more stuff until there is no place to put it. His rant did little to change the trend at the time, but the principles were adopted later.

In the last few decades, people have started getting rid of more and more stuff. The trendiness of minimalism can be seen plainly in the popularity of 2019’s Marie Kondo’s Netflix show where she encourages everyone to throw out things that “don’t spark joy.” The show launched the general populace into throwing out anything that they didn’t need, becoming more and more minimalistic.

Bedroom furniture sets have followed this trend as well. The modern bed set will typically consist of smooth, clean lines, sharp corners, and color contrasts for a sleek look. It will also have a very minimalist frame, with a simple headboard or no headboard at all.

Taking bed sets into the future

Apartment living has made minimalist furniture necessary for every room of the home. Apartments don’t have much open space, so if you want a complete bed set minimalism is the way to go. In addition, millions of people lease apartments, homes, and other residences, moving an average of 10 times in their lifetime. That makes a slim and lightweight bed set important, as it decreases both space and weight for frequent moves.

In fact, it is estimated that the number of people renting will grow to over 12 million households by 2025. With most leases renewing annually, and many people choosing to change states, a minimalist approach to all home furniture is the best option.

Growing families also show favor to modern styles because they are often cheaper. Since they are made with fewer and less bulky materials, modern furniture is by design less expensive to make, leading to significant savings in comparison to other bedroom sets.

Affordability is continuing to be a huge factor for the middle class and below, as more and more families find themselves within those constraints. When people are living paycheck to paycheck it is sometimes necessary to settle for the cheaper option rather than the most durable, even though it costs more in the long run.

By getting a minimalist modern bed set you can spend less now, even though you will have to replace it sooner than a more durable wood piece. Best of all, no one will ever know that you chose the modern style for its minimalism and not for its price tag. It is expected that going forward, most families will continue to prefer budget-friendly and trendy bedroom furniture regardless of how often it needs to be replaced.

Need a new bedroom set?

You can get matched bedroom sets of any era by shopping online. Online furniture stores have a much broader selection across many popular furniture brands. Regardless of which time period you want to use as the model for your guest or master bedroom, shopping online will give you the most options at the most affordable prices.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of free, faster delivery and other perks depending on the online furniture retailer you choose. You can also use Google’s Shopping feature to find styles and brands you prefer, then turn to bedroom furniture outlets for the cheapest prices.

Remember that your bedroom doesn’t necessarily have to match the design of the rest of your home. Particularly if you are designing a master bedroom or child’s bedroom, you can really go with whatever floats your boat. Browse online furniture stores today to get more ideas for your next bedroom set.


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