The Future of Sleep Technology: What to Expect from Adjustable Mattresses

As weird as it may sound, sleep technology is the hottest growing business this year. According to a report by Infinium Global Research, the sleep aid industry is going to reach an estimated worth of $114.15 billion by 2025. The whole world is taking notes on how the sleep aids industry can be carved to the convenience of the customer. A huge amount of money is being poured in for research and development of the same. The results are almost identical. Every research that is conducted, in some way or another other, indicates that better sleep quality can be achieved through technology.

Now and then, with the help of some research, new products are manufactured and launched aiming to improve your sleep cycle, sleep quality, and productivity. According to some research, what type of mattress you use plays an important role in improving your sleep cycle. Firm mattresses, though not the most preferred ones, are considered best for your body posture while sleeping. There is a wide range of adjustable firmness mattresses available in the market that help you with your sleep posture and also prevent injuries while making your experience more satisfactory and fulfilling.

Advances in Sleep Science Technology

Pressure Mapping

Grids of pressure-sensitive piezoresistive sensors are placed in the mattress that creates or maps an individual’s pressure profile while asleep. A tool chart is then used to identify the areas where pressure is applied when the individual lies on the mattress surface. This data is used to design a mattress that supports the person using it.

Sensory Controls

Sleeping aids manufacturers have improved the production of gadgets and instruments that eliminates distractions and disturbances that affect your sleep quality. They are developing sensory tools as their instruments to calm you down at the time you hit the bed and provide you with an environment suitable for you to have a good night’s sleep. For example, Dreamlight is an eye band that uses light, sound, color, and scent to keep the user sleeping peacefully throughout the night.

Wearables and Sleep Apps

Apps and wearables are now designed to impact the user’s sleep cycle and let them know about their pattern and sleep quality which in turn can help them identify any faults and improve them to eliminate the bigger health risks in the future. Many headbands are clinically proven to improve your sleep quality and paired with matching sleep apps, it can potentially identify all the defects in your sleeping pattern to help you better them

Adjustable Mattress

An adjustable Mattress when paired with a proper adjustable bed, will give you results you never knew you could see. There are a lot of health benefits and eliminate health risks you get with an adjustable mattress. It can help you with your back pain just by adjusting it to different angles depending on what part of your back hurts. If you sleep with your partner or someone else, you may sometimes see them being grumpy in the morning because of your snoring. Elevating the head of the mattress around 20 to 30 degrees will help both you and your partner to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Sleeping on your left is considered the ideal position for digestion and helps you with acid reflux as well. Adjusting the base of your bed to the slight left will help you digest your every meal while you sleep peacefully. They can be tapped into with the help of an adjustable mattress.


Sleep technology and the sleeping aid industry are relatively new but the amount of work it’s doing for its customers is incredible and with the help of science and technology, its aim to work towards the betterment of your sleep now seems reachable.


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