The Dreamiest Hotel Pools

From the South of France to Bali, the most beautiful hotels in the world are full of hidden treasures. Between serenity, calm and voluptuousness, these havens of peace resonate like hymns to idleness which, far from prying eyes, contain small refreshing oases.

Dream pools in the heart of nature 

Perched on a gigantic mountain range, immersed in lush nature or at the edge of the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, the hotel swimming pools are majestic and always more impressive than the other. 

The swimming pools arise in the heart of the tropical forests and blend easily with the natural architecture, the sand tones, the wood, and the stone with contemporary accents make them the perfect places to relax.

They run along white sand beaches where the blue of the sea rivals that of the sky. The waterfalls have their effect and the turquoise waters of the pools blend perfectly with the expanses of natural water. 

Swimming pools between tradition and modernity 

While far from flashy palaces, some pools combine the principles of the natural pool and regional customs for absolute comfort. Private infinity pools then rub shoulders with sustainable wooden furniture. Surrounded by the desert and the sometimes stifling heat, the swimming pools act as oases of coolness lined with palm trees, slipping into the shade and adorning themselves with the foundations of traditional architecture.

The swimming pools of hotels, each more luxurious than the other, offer the unique sensation of feeling cut off from the world, of cooling off for a moment when the warmth of the air is too insistent and simply stopping time in a majestic setting.

Discover the following dream pools that inspire escape…

1. The swimming pool at The Maybourne Riviera hotel in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

2. The pool at the Como Uma Canggu hotel in Bali

3. The swimming pool at the Les Roches Rouges hotel in Saint-Raphaël 

4.  The swimming pool at The Wild hotel in Mykonos

5. The swimming pool of the hotel La C(o)orniche on the Dune du Pilat

6. The swimming pool of the hotel La Réserve Ramatuelle 

7. The swimming pool of the hotel Le Castelbrac in Dinard


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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