The Dell by Elliot Architects in Northumberland, England

Project: The Dell
Architects: Elliot Architects
Location: Northumberland, England
Area: 2,368 sq ft
Photographs by: Jill Tate Photography

The Dell by Elliot Architects

Elliot Architects have designed The Dell house for a family that wanted to live in a home that is sensitive to the surrounding nature, but also to not be boring.
It is located in a forested area in Northumberland, England where it was adapted to the sloped site surrounded by trees in every direction. It’s design is rather simple. It is made up of two parts that intersect in the middle however, there are multiple elements contributing to the design of this house.

A previously undeveloped site is to house a four bed bespoke family home.

The proportion, orientation and topographical nature of this site presented us with a significant challenge. The constraints of the site fought against the conventional arrangement of a domestic property with its public and private zones.

The site slopes steeply from back to front as well as dishing side to side; there is a mature wood to the South which also presented issues of overshadowing.

We chose to adopt a cruciform plan which subdivided the land into quadrants dealing with public arrival, private South facing courtyard and grassed garden area to the rear of the property exploiting the only flat section of the site.
We wanted to be sympathetic to the site as well as mindful of budget so we designed the building to react closely to the sites existing contours; the roof level is constant and the shifts in the floor level respond to the position of the room and its function i.e. large kitchen, living, dining room has a proportionally high ceiling volume.

Materials are natural with modern detailing. Slate shingle walls and roof to the ground floor with timber and slate to the second. By diving the plan and section as we have the building appears as a series of single storey accommodation further reducing the impact on the site.

Elliot Architects


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