Swimming Pool Salt Chlorinator – Why It Should Be Your First Choice


If you have a swimming pool at home, then you most certainly know that it must be cleaned regularly and kept in excellent shape. This is to ensure that the pool is swim-ready all year round. There are many types of pool cleaners, with Swimming pool salt chlorinators being among the most popular devices available in the market today.

A swimming pool salt chlorinator works on the principle of electrolysis of common or ordinary salt conversion into sodium hypochlorite, which serves as a potent pool sanitizer. Sodium hypochlorite can effectively eliminate bacteria and algae, besides oxidizing the waste in the swimming pools. Today, we will look at the benefits that you can draw from using a pool chlorinator, including the benefits of Hurlcon salt chlorinator.

You Will Make the Most of Your Investment

With a swimming pool salt chlorinator, you will reap complete worth of the costs that you have incurred in the installation of the system. This is because there are no huge costs associated with the system when it comes to usage. All you are required to do is adding salt to the chlorinator so as to replenish the salt that has been used up in the cleaning process.

Safer to Use

Another benefit is that it is safer to use a chlorinator for cleaning your swimming pool as opposed to adding chlorine directly into the pool. Given that the chlorinator automatically generates chlorine, you don’t have to go through the stresses of adding and keeping up the chlorine level.

Consequently, you will have no need to buy and store chlorine. Therefore, you will be preventing any dangerous situation that may be caused by its spilling or getting in contact with skin or eyes. Also, there’ll be no breathing complications caused by chemical fumes that emanate from traditional chlorines for swimming pools.

How it works

How it works

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining a swimming pool salt chlorinator is much easier as opposed to maintaining a chlorine-based swimming pool. A salt chlorinator will save you from the troubles of adding chlorine regularly, monitoring the chlorine balance, etc. With this system, all you will be doing with regard to maintenance is occasional cleaning of the cell electrodes. This will ensure that the system functions smoothly, minimizing the calcium deposits in the pool.

Preferred By Many

Most swimmers prefer salt chlorinators due to the fact that chlorine treated water dries out the hair and skin, while salt-water does not do so. Moreover, your bathing suits cannot get bleached as it happens in pools that have been chlorinated using traditional methods. You’ll not have to worry about annoying odours, and neither will your eyes experience irritation.

What to Consider When Buying a Chlorinator

  • The size of your swimming pool
  • The number of people who’ll be using the pool everyday
  • Whether you are living in a cold or warm region


Salt chlorinator is a very necessary device for today’s swimming pools. These systems produce the sanitizer required to keep your swimming pool crystal clear and a healthy place to enjoy. Installing a salt chlorinator will enable you to easily add the right amount of sanitizer every day. Keeping the appropriate amount of sanitizer in your swimming pool at all times will make you a very happy swimming pool owner.

If this interests you, you should purchase best quality device, such as the Hurlcon salt chlorinator, from a reputable supplier. AllStar Pool Parts is among Australia’s leading suppliers of high quality swimming pool equipment. Their prices are also very competitive.


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