Super Smart Tips For Decorating Small Bedroom

A bed, a table and a closet are usually everything that fits in the bedroom and there is almost no space for decoration and a personal stamp. However, with small changes, this room can look more spacious, and interior design experts recommend this:

* To avoid making a small room look like a box, be creative. Interesting wallpapers or stickers on one wall, as well as great pictures and photos will help. You will not go wrong if you choose white and frames with neutral colors.

* And when it comes to walls, avoid dark colors that narrow the space. Choose white and combine it with pastel tones, from powder pink, over warm earthy shades, to yellowish. Add plants to bring the space to life.

* White curtains and bedding not only add romantic feel, they also open up the space. Play with the heights because the view is constantly wandering, which makes the space look bigger.

* If you don’t have space for bedside tables on either side of the bed, opt for an asymmetrical approach. Keep a table on one side and just a simple floor lamp on the other. Also, the bed does not need to be in the middle of the room, feel free to set it on one side in the room.


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