Stunningly Small Spaces: Luxury Bathroom Remodel Inspiration

When it comes to small room home remodelling jobs, nothing makes a bigger impact than a luxurious bathroom remodel. Washrooms offer utility and service, but bathrooms don’t have to be boring. Transform your everyday loo into a wonderful room in which you’ll want to linger.


Be Inspired

Inspiration can be found everywhere. Flower gardens, forests and the seaside inspire a palette of natural colour combinations. Movie settings and TV shows can inspire decorating ideas. When you see something that you like, stop for a moment and make a mental note. When you see a magazine picture of a bathroom that you like, clip it out and save it in a file folder.

Drop by a paint store and take home paint chips in colours that appeal to you. Visit a fabric store and ask for sample swatches of material that can be used for shower curtains and bathroom window treatments.

Browse decorating sites such as Home Stratosphere to find excellent bathroom decorating ideas that are sure to inspire. If you want to glean a few American bathroom remodel ideas, visit Southern Living magazine’s website.

Start collecting bathroom decorating clues now, and before you know it, you’ll have enough information to share with remodelling contractors and interior decorating specialists.

Must-Have vs. Optional Features

Unless you have unlimited funds, you may have to knock a few luxury items off your list. You will, of course, require a toilet, and that’s a smart investment. An enclosed sauna may have to wait until later.

Every bathroom needs a shower. Luxury bathrooms generally include a bathtub, too. Some have both. Surely the most elegant choice, as far as bathtubs are concerned, is the classic claw-foot tub. If you have the wherewithal to add a separate enclosed shower, by all means do so.

Lighting is a necessary feature that can make or break a bathroom remodel. Garish lighting does no favours to anyone, but you’ll want to ensure that your luxury washroom boasts adequate lighting, especially in relation to the mirror.

Windows make a difference, too. If your bathroom is situated to accept a skylight, have one installed. A skylight provides flattering natural light and privacy, as well. If your bathroom windows offer the neighbourhood a view, consider having them replaced with light filtering glass blocks. Another option is sleekly painted window shutters that offer privacy when needed and streaming sunlight when you want it.

Typical bathrooms offer one mirror. Luxury bathrooms may offer several. For a super luxurious change, move your medicines and toiletries into drawers, and replace that funky medicine cabinet with a wonderfully framed mirror. When you check your face, you will look like a painting.

Don’t even think of skimping where towels are concerned. Thick, soft, absorbent towels offer first class comfort and are an absolute must-have.

Spa features such as a sauna or whirlpool tub are not necessities, but they can make a fabulous addition to a revamped bath space. Likewise with under-floor heating.

When it comes to outfitting your elegant bathroom, it makes sense to invest in a few excellent additions in lieu of several that are of lower quality.

Hire Wisely

Do your research before hiring painters, flooring specialists and decorators. Ask your friends and neighbours who they would hire, and be sure to read public reviews and testimonials.

If you have painting skills, a bath remodel is the perfect place to put them to use. Invest in high quality paint with a semi-glossy sheen. It will look good now and be easier to clean later.

A luxury bathroom model can be a pricey undertaking, albeit an elegant one that may add value to your property.

Of course, the very first step toward your stunning bathroom remodel is a property purchase. This is where Stratton Creber Countrywide branches can help you in a number of important ways.Β Speak with a friendly agent at any Stratton Creber branch to discuss your various home buying options. Before you know it, you may be decorating your own luxury bathroom remodel.

Shop Smartly

If you wish to create a stunning bathroom with plenty of elegant features, do at least some of your shopping at garage sales, estate sales and charity auctions. You may be able to pick up lovely old fixtures, towel bars and faucets for very little cash.

Brand new Victorian style bathtubs can cost a pretty penny. Browse stores that resell old fixtures, and you may locate a grand old tub that can be refinished.

Declan Kemp is involved with running a home improvement business and is always happy to share his insights and suggestions with an online audience. He is a regular contributor for a number of lifestyle and property websites.


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