Stunning Mountain House by Agraz Arquitectos

This stunning mountain home, located in the Santa Anita Golf Club of Tlajomulco in Jalisco, Mexico was created by Agraz Arquitectos. Its generous space area is in contradiction with the street front that is barely 12 meters wide. It consists of four levels as it follows: the first one for the cars, the next level for the social area, the third level for the master bedroom next to the family room and the fourth one for the kids’ bedrooms. The house is designed in warm and bright colors, in contrast with its white exterior walls. The wine cellar, which is one of the family’s most precious places, is set in the center of the house.

According to the architects: “The Mountain explains the implicit challenge in this project: a piece of land with a highly accentuated slope that obliges full respect. The house sets into the slope making its topography inhabitable and this is how the project upholds in four levels: the first one for the automobiles, the next one for social areas (kitchen, living and dinning rooms), third one for main bedroom next to family room, and last, a fourth one destined for boy and girl bedrooms which have the most privileged views due to their location in the highest peak of the terrain. The house hosts in its center one of the family’s most precious places: the wine cellar. Perfectly set within the mountain, it fulfills all the requirements to be so: controlled temperature, humidity and lighting, whereas it allows place for a wine bar and the capacity to add up to other public areas such as dinning and living room by a retractile door piece. With this terrace connotation that moderates the land slope, the inserted to the mountain house turns also into a Santa Anita landscape belvedere, where looking outside in is watching it go into mimesis with the topography. Whereas seeing inside out, is enjoying this wonderful view as time, light, Sun and vegetation transform throughout each season of the year.”


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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