Stunning Elite Modern Home Designs

One or Two Family: Studhorse


The biggest advantage with this particular design is that it gives those inside the ability to see the outside environment, all in the comfort of their own home. Lots of windows surround the exterior of this design. Living areas, such as the bathroom, kitchen, bar and living room, are all joined together in the main building, whereas the more private areas are located in another building.

One or Two Family: Bridge House


Not only is this design very pleasing to the eye, but it’s very economical as well, specifically in the summer. The large exterior glass windows allow plenty of natural sunlight in, while the louvers and internal ventilation system prevents excessive heat build-up. Both living areas surround two heaters that provide plenty of heat during the cold winters. Overall, this is the perfect design for those who like to take in the natural sunlight.

One or Two Family: Marlboro Music


What’s really inspiring about this particular design is its sheer simplicity, resembling the design of a classic New England Cape Code. In fact, this design uses the same exact 400-year-old typology. Altogether, the entire set consists of three two-bedroom cottages, one three-bedroom cottage and one four-bedroom cottage. The simplicity of this design really seems to convey a sense of peace.

Multi Bedroom: 1980 Style Redesign


This design is actually an improvement of the original 1980-mansion style design. The entirely house is made mostly from glass, concrete and steel. However, paint finishes make both the exterior and interior appear very modern like. In the back is a large outdoor swimming pool. For the most part, the geometric design consists of rectangular prisms, giving it a rather modern look.

Multi Family: Bayview Hill Gardens


This entire building consists of 73 rooms, giving shelter to many families and homeless people. The central 8,500-square-foot courtyard consists of beautiful shrubbery, such as flowers, bushes and trees. On top of that, the majority of these plants in the courtyard are edible! Not only can those in the building view this beautiful courtyard, but they can keep an eye on the street at the same time, making the entire complex quite safe.

Multi Family: Broadway Affordable Housing


The whole idea behind this design was to provide families with an economical and environmentally-friendly design. The building materials are pretty affordable themselves as well. Each unit consists of two to three bedrooms, depending on the family size. Residents are also able to enjoy the design’s computer room, laundry room, courtyard and even picnic areas. To top it off, an on-site manager is present at all times.

Multi Family: The North Parker


Large glass windows surround the entire exterior of the building, along with a gorgeous courtyard in the middle. Not only can residents enjoy the courtyard, but they can enjoy their own individual lookout deck as well. One interesting thing to note about this design is that it has no boundaries, including double-loaded corridors, whatsoever. This is probably due to the fact that the design makes it virtually impossible for intruders to enter without being noticed.

Specialised House: 160 Massachusetts Avenue Tower


Thanks to its 40-foot height, those on the top of the building are able to see the entire city landscape, at least where it’s located at. In fact, the entire exterior of the building is made of nothing but glass, giving everyone inside a breathtaking view of the outside world.

Residential Kit Home: Country Home


The design of this house is so vast and simple with a modern and spacious design set over two levels. This kit home is supplied by an Australian company providing steel kit solutions, Wide Span Sheds.

Residential Kit Home: Claesson Koivisto Rune


Although the number of modules is not mentioned, the overall design of this kit house is pretty straight forward, resembling that of a modern Scandinavian house. However, this particular designed got rid of the peak of the roof, leaving a flat top.


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