Stikwood – Extremely Easy Way to Transform a Room

The concept of thin plank technology was founded and coined by master woodworker, Jerry McCall. This idea incorporates 100% real wood planking that is made to be thin, portable and easily installed. Sacramento-based Company, Stikwood, describes this innovative idea in and of its name. The wood planks are carefully cut into 1/8” thin planks, and tacked with a strong adhesive to the backside of the wood. This idea allows for everyone from the beginner to the experienced contractor to install and create a piece of artwork within his or her own home in a matter of hours.

The emphasis here is that anyone can install Stikwood. Even more appealing is Stikwood’s lightweight nature that makes it easily portable and relatively cost effective. It allows you to incorporate the sophisticated look of real wood in your home without any of the hassle, all the while cutting costs in half.  Completely customizable, Stikwood features 10 variation of wood finishes where you’ll find an assortment of selections that will suit each individuals taste.  Our reclaimed finishes are reused and repurposed woods that give each plank a unique and irreplaceable look.

Stikwood is often found in places such as restaurants, homes, inner office buildings and nearly any paintable surface. It’s VOC-free, sustainable and made in the USA, merging eco-friendly design decor with DIY installation to transform a simple wall into a unique one-of-a-kind work of art. 156305_501791333206572_542167859_n 558399_440221879363518_1903272968_n 1473038_658148710904166_1291378342_n

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