Steps for Changing Your Business Address in London

Are you a company based in London and want to change your business address? There can be a number of reasons for wanting to do this. Perhaps you are moving to a different premises or you wish to keep your home address private if you are now working virtually. Either way, you must change your registered office address so that this change can be processed.

But, how do you change your business address? This is something that is not often discussed and we are going to make it easy for you to do. Know that you can do this at any time. Just make sure that the address is in the UK and the area where the business was registered. So, let’s break it down into steps.

Decide on Your Change of Address

First thing’s first; decide what your new address is going to be. Maybe this has been a hard decision for your brand and one that you have to think carefully about. Well, to avoid more admin, make sure that you finalise this address and make up your mind.

For example, a lot of businesses want to stand out in London and have a prestigious address. A good way to do this is by paying for a virtual office in London. You can choose from impressive areas that look good for your brand. If this is something that you like the sound of, visit Note that the address you choose must be in the same area of the UK that your company was registered in. For example, if you want to have a business address in London, your business must have been created in England and Wales.

Complete the AD01

So, you have decided on your new address. The next step is completing the AD01 form. This is going to be available from the Companies House website. You will have to have some information about your business at hand to make this part easy. This includes your company number and company name. In addition, you will have to state where your new registered office address is going to be. It will be necessary to sign the document too. This can be done by the owner or director only.

There is no need to be worried about the cost of changing your registered office address. This is free of charge and you are able to do this any time. Once you have stated all of the necessary information, you will have to post this document to Companies House. Alternatively, this is an online system that you can use. Note that it can take a few working days for your request to be acknowledged and completed. So, if you need your address changed by a certain time, it is going to be up to you to submit the request promptly.

Change Your Address for Other Business Matters

Now that you have officially changed your registered office address, there are going to be a few other things you need to do. Namely, you will have to update your address on other platforms. This includes on your own website so that customers have the right information and are able to contact you. In addition, you may have to change your address on other business materials, such as receipts and cards.

Therefore, make sure that sit down and take the time to think about everywhere your business address currently is. Then, you will need to go through and change your address on all of those platforms and materials. The last thing you want is for correspondence or a customer to contain your old address and not get an answer.

Legal Requirement for Changing Your Website

We have mentioned that you want to change your address on your website for your customers. But, there is a bigger reason that you want to do this quickly. It is a legal requirement contained in the Companies Act 2006. This states that you have to display the registered address on the site for everyone to see.

Therefore, you should make sure that you do not forget to do this. It could get your business in trouble. So, take a note to change your website once you have registered your new address. When you are going through this process, it is easy to forget to do something. This is particularly true if you have never changed your office address before. So, take your time and make sure that you leave nothing out.


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