Steps to Follow When Vinyl Wall Art Stickers Won’t Stick

Nothing can be more frustrating when you bring home or order a fine piece of vinyl wall art sticker and it won’t stick where you want it to. Normally, these vinyl wall stickers are applied on the wall without any trouble. However, there are times when things go wrong, and the sticker may not stick properly.

Imagine getting a love sticker to decorate the walls for Valentine’s Day, but the sticker not sticking properly. It might end up ruining the look and leave a very bad impression. However, there is no need to worry because there are solutions to this problem.
First, look at the reasons due to which these stickers fail to stick:

  • The vinyl sticker you bought is of low quality.
  • The wall you’re trying to stick the sticker to is not smooth.
  • The wall contains texture.
  • The wall isn’t dry.
  • The sticker might be sticking due to cold temperature.
  • The paint on your wall is of low quality.
  • There’s residue on the wall.

Your vinyl wall art stickers might not be sticking due to one or more of these reasons and here’s how you can solve the issue:

When The Sticker Is Of Low Quality

Many people commit the mistake of buying vinyl stickers that are made up of poor quality. This is a mistake as these cheap stickers do not only make it problematic to get the job done, but may even look cheap.
Nonetheless, if you’ve already bought ‘em you can heat the sticker from the backsides. However, make sure to exert minimal heat as extra heat may spoil the sticker.Your best bet is to use a blow dryer around at the edges as it melts the glue which is on the sticker. This will increase the sticking capability of a low quality wall sticker.However, in case of an extremely low quality vinyl wall sticker, you have no choice but to rip it off completely and stick a good quality vinyl sticker in its place.

When The Wall’s Not Smooth

Vinyl wall stickers require smooth surfaces to stick properly. They do not typically stick well on uneven walls or on walls that contain texture.
You need to even the surface to make sure the stickers stick properly. This can be done by taking a hard ball, such as a tennis ball, and rolling it on the textured area to settle down the bumps which are making the surface area uneven.

When The Wall Is Wet Or Dirty

Vinyl stickers do not stick properly on dirty or wet walls. You need to wash off the wall thoroughly and let it dry for hours before you try to stick a sticker.

Leakage Problems

It could be possible that these stickers are not maintaining their position and constantly coming off due to leakage problems in the roof or in the wall.Since these stickers do not stick to wet surfaces, they will come off if the wall has a leakage.The solution is to get it sorted, not only for the stickers to attach but also to avoid other issues related to leakage.


Always ensure that you buy high-quality vinyl wall art stickers as they stick without any trouble, and don’t get damaged or wear off easily.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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