Step Into Summer With Aquabocci’s Brilliant Strip Drains

When designing a room or creating a new building project, it’s paramount that you keep good drainage in mind. Many people would see this as a relatively unglamorous consideration, it’s one that will make sure the pipework stays healthy and now you can do it in style with Aquabocci’s designer strip drain’s.

If you’re looking for a high-quality approach to drainage, you will benefit from an Aquabocci drain. As leaders in drainage, Aquabocci offers sleek and modern drains which can bring your home into the present day, while also revolutionising the overall functionality and quality of the building’s drainage system.

Aquabocci’s Brilliant range of strip drain products.

Aquabocci’s Brilliant range of strip drain products.

What Is A Strip Drain?

A strip drain is a narrow drain that you could install in a central location, or against a wall, depending on the layout of the room. These are common fixtures in parts of the home which frequently get wet, such as bathrooms, shower rooms, patios, balconies, and swimming pools. The trench-like design allows water to simply drain from the floor, whilst also adding to the room’s aesthetic – Aquabocci’s drains, for example, use aluminium to add a contemporary style.

Many strip drains can become an eyesore over time, but Aquabocci’s products use a sleeker design to make sure your drain complements the home – rather than clashing with it. It’s absolutely essential that every element of the building comes together well, either for yourself and your family, or for future tenants and users. Depending on the model you choose, you might not even feel the drain beneath your feet, and you’ll be able to clean it with ease. This helps to ensure your drain is as unobtrusive as possible while providing you with the most benefits.

Customise Your Project With Coloured Strip Drains.

Though you might want the drain to be relatively out of sight, you can also select from an exciting range of colours if it has to be on display. Whichever option will suit you and your home, Aquabocci has plenty of drains in stock that can match your needs. One reason why many consider strip drains to be an eyesore is a lack of colour, which may not suit the room’s ambience and overall aesthetic. If your shower room is mainly light blue, for example, then you might prefer a drain that isn’t a standard black or grey.

In this case, an anthracite or GT Silver strip could be the best choice, as it pairs well with light colours – the Champagne design is also worth investigating. Personal preference is a key part of the decision, as only you get to determine which colour suits your home best, though the Aquabocci team can also give you guidance if you require it. As leading experts in drainage systems, they can show you how the room (or rooms) would look after a strip drain installation. This allows you to gain a full understanding of the process, alongside the importance of your drain’s colour.

Rapid Strip Drain Assembly

On the topic of installations, Aquabocci makes use of a flexible modular system which combines both form and function. This system uses end caps and connectors in conjunction with corner pieces and straight lengths; this allows everything to easily slot together. No two shower rooms or patios are the same – so a flexible approach to drainage installation is absolutely essential to making sure you get functional, and efficient performance. With any type of drain, you can only get the most out of it if you install it in the right place, which is sometimes only possible with a modular system.

Aquabocci S66 Slimline drain system.


On top of this, you can cut the exact length of your drain on site – making sure you get a bespoke finish that accommodates your requirements. After installation, the drain is able to handle years of wear and tear with only basic cleaning as part of a regular maintenance schedule; you don’t need to worry about salt or chlorine damaging your drains. To browse their products, and to learn more about Aquabocci, visit:


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