Spray Painting Walls – 5 Tips To Get Started

Spray painting is a technique that has been around for quite a while. Since 1949 to be exact. It is among the most popular techniques of applying paint to an object, especially in manufacturing because it is incredibly flexible and easy to work with. But were you aware that spray painting can also be used to paint the walls in your home? Yep, using a roller or a brush is not the only way to apply paint to your walls.

Spray painting walls is a very viable option, especially if what you’re looking for is how fast you can be done with the painting process. There is no faster method than spray painting and you also get the added benefit of being able to create custom shapes and decals using stencils. There are so many creative ideas at fluid-painting.com that will get you started with spray painting your walls. Of course, every method has its drawbacks and with spray painting you should expect to make a huge mess around the object that you’re going to be painting so proper preparation is a must if you think about painting the walls inside or outside of your home. There are a few other things that you should know about spray painting in your home, so let’s start with the most obvious.

1. Painting Equipment

It should go without saying that you will need some equipment before you start spray painting a wall in your home, garage or outdoor area.

First of all, there are two ways you can do spray painting. The one that requires the least equipment is using spray cans which you can find in pretty much any department store. Using spray cans is a great option if you want to paint a small area but if you want to paint a large wall or multiple walls, then you are going to be better of by using a sprayer which is much more efficient as you won’t need to buy dozens of spray cans.

2. Protective Gear

Now that you’ve got your sprayer of choice, it is time to gear yourself up. As you probably expect, spray painting can get messy, but not just on the surroundings. Spray paint emits a strong odor that can make you dizzy and is generally unpleasant and cause respiratory issues if you remain exposed for an extended time period. That is why the first thing that you need to buy is a heavy-duty protective mask to use during painting with spray paint.
But don’t stop there. You should protect your skin and clothes as well so you should at least think about putting on a pair of gloves to avoid getting paint on your hands.

3. Cover the surroundings

When using spray paint, it is very easy to get paint where you don’t want to. You can’t always be that precise using a spray can or even a dedicated sprayer, especially if it is the first time you’re doing this.

But regardless of how experienced you are with spray paint, you should definitely always cover up the stuff that you don’t want to paint such as the floors, trim, outlets and other objects or areas that get in the way. You can do this using something as simple as a newspaper or even plastic bags, just make sure you tape them so they don’t move and expose the stuff you don’t want to paint.

4. Use stencils

Spray paint can be used to paint entire walls but it can also be used to paint custom details on your walls. If you’re feeling artistic, you can make use of stencils which you can either buy or make them on your own for added customization.
You can achieve some pretty spectacular results using stencils because they allow you to cover certain areas while painting so you can mix and match them to create interesting artwork.

5. Get paint thinner

Of course, you can’t expect to be perfect on your first, second or even fiftieth attempt at spray painting so you should always be prepared beforehand with some cleaning mediums. Paint thinners and solvents are the best choice as they efficiently remove spray paint from pretty much anything but acetone or baby oil also works at removing spray paint, especially if it got on your skin and you do not want to use heavy chemicals such as paint thinners.


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