Spatial Reflection of the Corporate Identity: Sutas Headquarters Office

Project: Sutas Headquarters Office
Architects: OSO Architecture
Location: Dudullu, Istanbul, Turkey
Area: 26,909 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of OSO Architecture

Sutas Headquarters Office by OSO Architecture

OSO Architecturea Turkish studio with a reputation for corporate projects, has submitted one of their latest designs – the Sutas Headquarters Office in the Dudullu region of Istanbul, Turkey. Similar to their design for the Transbatur Office, the goal was to design an interior that will integrate the brand’s corporate identity while also creating a comfortable space for the employees.

Sutas Headquarters Office, designed by OSO Architecture as integrated to corporate identity, is reinforcing the user pleasure by creating the sense of belonging.

Sutas Headquarters Office was designed for Sutas Headquarter contains the interior design and construction management of the ground floor of the building within the area of 2.500 sqm. The project was designed as modern and contemporary design language for the spaces starting from the outside stairs and relatedly entrance hall, VIP meeting, lounge areas and all common spaces of this floor. The main concept of the project was determined to be designed as having the integrity of the brand’s corporate identity to all interior spaces. In order to achieve this result, especially the entrance hall was designed within using the items all related to milk and farm field in an architecture design language.

Because of having many different size meeting rooms in the ground floor, two different lounge – waiting areas and one tasting area was designed into the common areas. The tasting area is also using for the serving and tasting activities of Sutas products to their visitors. In general sense, matching and integration of the office spaces with the company’s identity was determined as a basic design problem for this project. Relatedly, the indirect sense of user belonging and happiness of them have been gained.

-Project description and images provided by OSO Architecture


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