Ironwood Estate Remodel by Kendle Design Collaborative

The remodeling of this home, the Ironwood Estate, was completed by Kendle Design Collaborative. Located in Paradise Valley, Arizona, the home is spacious but warm, and decorated in variations of brown, beige, with accents in wood and glass.

The Ironwood Estate Remodel was designed by Kendle Design Collaborative in order to convert it from a large desert prairie style home into an open, lighten and contemporary estate. The homes new owners desired to transform and redefine its character into an open, light filled, sophisticated contemporary residence. Although this project is characterized as a remodel the work is so extensive that Kendle Design Collaborative was creating an entirely new house within the envelope of the existing structure. For the change to happen, every corner of the house needed to be transformed. First, were added a custom designed steel, a glass stair with limestone treads, a fully projection system for the theatre room and a climate controller for the wine cellar.

As with the interior, the existing exterior spaces and amenities on the 2.6 acres were completely removed, reconsidered and upgraded to a sleek modern vocabulary. A distinctive material selection introduced a desert-resort influenced plant palette. One of the main exterior features viewable from most of the home’s interior, is a pool bounded on one edge by a custom designed water feature.  The final result can be judged by the pictures below, but we say it’s amazing!


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