Small And Inexpensive Pools To Enjoy the Summer

The reduced-size swimming pool might be the perfect idea to meet your swimming desires despite a very tight budget. The price is very attractive and it’s affordable for your family budget. It is adaptable to all types of terrain and the mini pool benefits are more than visible. You should know that a building permit is not required for pools with a surface area equal to or less than 10m2.

To maximize your chances of acquiring a pool that is going to be worthy of the name and not break the bank you should choose a self-supporting buried or above-ground small pool according to your budget.

A small, inexpensive inflatable pool

These small and self-supporting pools that don’t require prior preparation are the least expensive on the aquatic market. Some of the models are available for only ten euros in the supermarkets, so this mini price is not a guarantee of quality, Why? Well, this type of mini pool has very little resistance to tears or leaks. Most probably this will be only a seasonal purchase and not a long-term reusable pool.

A small above-ground swimming pool or inexpensive kit 

Small above-ground pools or small kit pools are the ideal compromise between low price and durability. Adorned with woodsteel or aluminium, they combine materials that are as resistant as they are light, guaranteeing repeated swimming over the summers, coupled with easy and quick installation. Prices range from 700 euros for a standard entry-level to several thousand euros for small pools with more refined finishes.

A small pool buried by expensive 

More expensive but ultra-durable, the mini inground pool multiplies the advantages. Although small, this type of pool requires the same attention as a conventional pool. In addition to planning earthworks, it is essential to call on professional pool specialists to avoid disappointment. Count on average 6000 euros to design a mini inground swimming pool in good and due form.

Here is our selection of inexpensive small pools to narrow down your choice.









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