Simple Rules For Creating Quality and Functional Living Room

Living rooms today are multipurpose spaces where people are watching TV, eating, entertaining or reading. If the living room has suitable lighting scheme, it can easily create different environments for each activity. Best orientation for the living room is south or southwest orientation, and southeast may be recommended. The layout and size of windows depends on the organization of space, the orientation, the environment etc.

The processing of the walls should be simple to maintain. However you should know that it significantly affects the aesthetics and how will be experience of space. A various colors or materials will make the space more dynamic. For romantic atmosphere use wall lights with lighted candles. Select coffee table with glass, for example those with rounded edges will provide excellent light reflection into the room.

Set white shelves on the wall, that will contribute to creating a brighter atmosphere in the living room. Using a variety of details such as curtains, paintings, sculptures and other objects, the atmosphere in the living room will be complement and stay in it do even more pleasant for you and your guests.


Source David Frutos


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