Simple Ideas To Renovate Your Kitchen

Of all the rooms, decorating your kitchen can have the biggest visual impact. It is because there is a large room for improvement and personal creativity. Kitchen cabinets come in traditional standard sizes. They are naturally boring but it is up to you to breathe life into them.
However, cabinets are not the only thing which can be customized. There are a number of aspects that can be altered according to your personal preferences making the area your dream kitchen. Here are some simple ideas to renovate your kitchen:

  • Right layout

You must always prioritize a perfectly laid out kitchen and the rest will automatically adjust. Plan out the placement of each and every appliance to make sure nothing remains congested when the plan on paper is executed. Make sure the distance between stove, sink and refrigerator is as small as possible. As a matter of general rule, refrigerator must be placed close to the entrance since it is the most used appliance in kitchen. You can incorporate your creative ideas in setting out the layout of kitchen. Just make sure everything is in the right order.

  • Do not overlook details

According to interior designers, neglecting even the slightest detail can ruin the appeal of your kitchen. Do no neglect even one of them. This is where kitchen hardware comes into play. It has the ability to deliver the appeal in return of the money you’ve spent. Change your kitchen hardware accordingly to add more elegance to your kitchen.

  • Lights

The first thing guests do when entering into your kitchen is look up at ceiling and check out lights. Lights will glow up its looks and enhance the visual enticement of your kitchen. Make sure there are bright and stunning light fixtures over important places like the sink and breakfast corner. Maintain a visual ranking order of lights.

  • Flooring

Kitchen flooring is another important aspect. This is where materials like wood can be of use to you. In the trend of open layouts, it completely makes sense to use the same flooring as it is in rest of your house.

  • Think long term

Renovating and decorating your kitchen is not a cheap task this is why you need to have a practical long-term approach. Buying materials that will wear down within a year can cost you a great deal of money. You must go for best quality materials and comes in your affordability. Shop for the right price, finishing and shape.


Renovating your kitchen can be tough task especially when you do it yourself. Outsourcing it to someone is considered the best option. There are number of companies like The Creative Kitchen Co which can help you do the job. But just keep in mind that you need to think out of the box to make a difference. You must know when and where to show off in order to have a refined kitchen which blend beautifully with your needs and demands.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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