Shower Cabin or Bathtub? What You Should Know To Make a Choice

Today’s fast lifestyle and the lack of free time have squeezed the good old lying in the bathtub, although enjoying the warmth of the relaxing bath has worth for the health. If in doubt whether in your bathroom, large or small, can put a shower or bath, here are a few features of these two elements in order to make an easier choice.

Shower Cabin

If you have a small bathroom, shower cabin is ideal for maximum utilization of space. As advantages of shower cabin is the significantly lower water consumption due to the shorter retention in the cabin. Opt for a shower cubicle with non transparent glass, which is easier to maintain, and after showering will not see water marks. Today in stores for sanitary you can find a variety of hydro massage showers that except lighting, have radio, foot-massager, connection for phone and MP3 player. Commonly are available in square and semicircular shape. Shower cabins have some drawbacks: if you have a small baby, its bathing will be significantly difficult. Also, manual washing clothes in shallow shower cabin is problematic.


Bathtubs are ideal for larger space. If you have big bathroom this is must-have item for it. The selection of bathtubs on the market, in terms of colors and shapes is wide, but the most common is rectangular tub. You can set it easy, and you can lay down and enjoy. When it is narrower at one end, it is a practical solution for small bathrooms, because in that part can be set sink which will be used smooth, without hitting the bathtub. Because of easy and quick maintenance the most popular are acrylic bathtubs, where any damages are not visible, unlike enameled bathtubs. Bathtubs are available in the form of a hot tub with various massagers, and in the form of mini pools in the home spa centers. So, if you are still in doubt what to set in your bathroom, we hope that with this post we will help you in your choice.


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