Shenzhen Digital Art Park by JC Design in Futian, China

Project: Shenzhen Digital Art Park
Architects: JC DESIGN
Location: Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Area: 569,249 sf
Year: 2023
Photographs by: Courtesy of JC DESIGN

Shenzhen Digital Art Park by JC Design – A Park With Attitude

The commercial attribute of a city determines its commercial purpose. The era of seemingly social living but actually isolated island needs a sense of community, and the essence of cultural creation is closer to the truth and relaxation. a park tries to recover the fireworks and public attributes of openness and freedom, with no boundary between the building and the city. With open three-dimensional public space, a large number of public seats and platforms and steps that can be sat on the floor, a park-like social place is constructed to blur the boundary and return to life, and an empathic community is established in the form of avant-garde aesthetics and cultural creativity. On weekdays, it is a public living room for nearby residents, and on weekends it is a popular place for young hipster to punch in, and it is also a popular place for commercial advertising shooting and star program recording. This is the business model of the park concept that we have been practicing, and it is also the design concept that social value and commercial value coexist.

Located in Meilin, the back garden of Futian CBD, Shenzhen, a park was formerly known as Chengfeng Electronics Co., LTD., built in 1994. After 30 years of changes, its original function can no longer meet the needs of urban development. Instead of tearing it down and rebuilding it, we hope to give this building a new role positioning and historical mission, so as to preserve the memory of the era of industrial civilization.

Under the tide of urban change, the era of stock tests our excavation and continuation of the life cycle of architecture. Just as the architect Le Corbusier tried to overcome the disadvantages of industrialization in his book Shining City, he emphasized the mutual tolerance between architecture and nature and the artistic beauty of architecture as the total container of human living culture.

As the material carrier of human activities, architecture carries the memory and spirit of The Times. a park has transformed from an old factory into a trend-setting cultural and creative park integrating art, ecology and humanity. By combining its historical significance with modern functions, we have given it a new look and significance while continuing the original architectural gene.

The whole plant project is transformed by JC DESIGN design architecture and interior integration design. Its external factory imprint is still there, but the internal has been completely different, so that fashion and history integration, to create a very imaginative park style business operation system and social field, activate the old architectural space, for Shenzhen’s rising stock transformation trend set a model.

While fully exploiting the commercial value, the first floor of a park forms a park-like business, making the building give way to the city, blurring the boundary between the building and the city, realizing the balance between the attribute of “community park” and the commercial value, and building it into an artistic ecological complex integrating multiple functions such as creativity, business and office.

Planning the park from the perspective of urban design, opening the closed box space of the original factory, extending the indoor space to the outdoor space, organically linking the surrounding area, turning the originally closed factory into an open multi-functional and multi-business public community.

The elevated design of the first floor increases the sense of space and forms a unique wind field. Under such a structure, the breeze freely shuttles, the flowing air and the scene blend with each other, just like enjoying the cool leisurely in the alley, the vitality and fireworks are thus created.

The open square in the vestibule is implanted with a spacious elevated platform of stairs to create a comfortable social block, bringing together fine and delicious light coffee, wine and life, and enjoying the aesthetic laneways of life in the busy city with pets. Based on the interest label, a park will organize various community activities frequently, and go to love together with friends.

The original second floor of the building is low, unable to provide sufficient space for the merchants to build relevant equipment, so we will open up the second and third floors, retain the texture of the original inner layer of the building, adopt the form of a duplex town, to provide more space for the merchants to imagine, multiple business forms and the street scene of the intersection.

Diffuse oxygen park with “Oxygenated oasis” as the design theme, strategically through the retreat terrace, walking stairs, vegetation preservation and other means to form a micro climate in the courtyard, bring more sunshine and breeze, reduce the reliance on air conditioning, to create a “one core, one park, one belt” multi-axis commercial landscape activity group.

Spring factory with “natural, comfortable, flexible” as the design concept, a new generation of ecological technology creative office space came into being. Here, creative workers can communicate and inspire each other in a natural, comfortable and flexible space, so as to maintain a more efficient work state.

“All things live, and only know their roots”, the meaning of the old reform is not to overthrow and rebuild, do not need to let the people who use it to strip away the original familiar life circle, but to find a balance between urban development and the retention of the memory of the era, in the continuation of the original architectural genes to do in line with the development of society and the era of intervention.

-Project description and images provided by JC DESIGN


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