Seven Interior Design Tips To Bring Your New Apartment To Life

Interior design concepts for your apartment will help you change the way you live. Plus, you could turn your apartment into a beautiful place to sublet when you are out of town. There are seven design ideas listed below that will change your apartment, help make the space feel bigger, and provide you with a unique layout. Each design idea could be added to your apartment, or you might choose one or two tips that will make your apartment stunning.

1. Partition With Furniture

When you move into an apartment, you cannot make drastic changes to the space. The person or company that owns the apartment will not allow you to add walls or take down walls. Because of this, you need to try to partition the apartment with furniture. You can turn furniture pieces in a certain way to create mini rooms in the apartment. For example, you could turn your couch to the side to block off the living room area. You can slide a cafe table against your kitchen island to create a dining area. You can use a folding screen to separate your bed from the rest of the space, or you could put a screen in front of a doorway that does not have a door.

2. Hanging Storage

Hanging storage is the easiest way for you to save space inside the apartment. You can hang pots and pans from the ceiling in the kitchen. You can use hanger bars in the closet doorway, or you could hang a book storage box from the ceiling in your living room. You could even hang clothes along the wall near your bed.

3. The Murphy Bed

If you want to save a lot of extra room in the apartment, you may purchase a Murphy bed. The Murphy bed pulls down from the wall when you go to sleep. You can lift the bed and slide it back into the wall during the day. The Murphy bed is something like a massive bookcase. You might purchase a unit that has shelves on either side for storage, and you could even store items in a cabinet at the base of the unit.

4. Buy An Armoire

If you do not have much closet space, you can invest in an armoire. The armoire is a massive dresser or chest that offers space for hanging clothes, drawers for smaller clothing items, and shelves for shoes or handbags. An armoire will give you all the closet space you need, and you can install on the wall just like you would install an entertainment center or traditional dresser.

You do not need to buy the largest armoire you can find. are sure that you have enough ceiling clearance for the armoire, and remember that each armoire has its own layout. You decide how much storage space you need when buying furniture for the apartment.

5. Rugs

Adding rugs to your apartment will bring life to each room. Modern apartments tend to have tile, linoleum, or hardwood floors. You do not want to walk on cold flooring every day when you get up, and you do not want to slide across the floor if you are wearing socks. The rugs you buy can bring color and patterns to the room that you cannot put on the walls. You are not allowed to paint the apartment. This means that you need to bring color to the room through rugs and carpets.

You can get a rug that sits under the coffee table, a rug for the front door, and a rug that stretches across the kitchen. You may find a rug that sits under the reading table and chairs you put by the window, and you could lay down a rug along each side of the bed. Each new rug will have an exciting color that adds to the room’s character, and you can purchase different patterns that you find interesting.

Do not limit yourself to Oriental-style rugs. You can buy rugs that are just one color, rugs with stripes, rugs with geometric patterns, and rugs with scenes and landscapes.

6. Drapes

Adding drapes to each room provides you with more color and style. You may want to add a few rugs to the apartment, but you should not cover every inch of the floor with rugs. You can purchase drapes that will hang in every window. You can coordinate the drapes with the colors you are using in the room, and you can buy heavy drapes that feel as though they are a part of the apartment. Plus, you can buy heavy drapes that help keep sunlight out.

7. Recessed Lighting

Your landlord had lighting installed throughout the apartment, but you can change the fixtures if you want to change the style of your apartment. Recessed lighting will offer a soft glow that makes it easier to read, and you can use frosted glass to make the apartment feel a bit more welcoming.

If your landlord installed basic lights in the kitchen or living room, you can buy a special light fixture that attaches tot he wiring in the ceiling. You can even buy colored lighting that will emit a soft blue, green, or purple glow. You do not want to strain your eyes when you are sitting alone in your apartment, and you can take the lighting fixtures with you when you move.


The apartment that you have moved into should be decorated using all the tips above. You cannot make changes to the structure of the apartment, but you can work with the layout of the apartment. Use furniture to partition different rooms, use hanging storage, and use new lighting fixtures. Buy a few rugs to lay across your hardwood floors, and purchase nice drapes that you can hang in every window. You can take many of these items with you when you move. Plus, these items turn your apartment into a palace that will impress all your guests.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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