Sensational Bathroom Remodel by Change Your Bathroom

When looking for bathroom remodeling ideas the biggest inspiration photos are luxury bathroom remodels like this Sensational Spa. Bathroom Designer Michelle Lauren at Change Your Bathroom completely rearranged this space transforming the bathroom from a cramped, poorly utilized space into an ergonomic, luxurious spa.

In the new layout, the bathtub was removed to create a larger shower with wall mounted multifunction shower heads, a handheld wand and a digital shower valve. A wall was built to accommodate a larger bathroom vanity for storage.

The custom bathroom cabinet has 4 drawers, 2 doors and a pull out in the center for a trash can. The vanity sports white ceramic vessel sinks and wall mounted sink faucets. Over each sink area are square mirrors with built in task lighting as well as a night light feature.

The toilet was moved to the old shower location which allowed the clothes closet to be expanded. Custom gray cabinetry in the closet allowed space to be well utilized: a vertical shoe cabinet with rolling laundry hampers underneath, a large dress valet cabinet with full extension drawers underneath and shelves with hanging space in the rest of the closet. Wood flooring allows the closet to stay warmer.

The bathroom floor is composed of marble mosaic tiles and epoxy grout was used to ensure long lasting white grout that doesn’t stain. White porcelain that is patterned like marble was installed in the shower from floor to ceiling and an accent tile with a cell pattern on the back of shower wall.

The wood wall offers warmth, the plants bring life and the floating shelves add a fun element to the bathroom. A black granite top not only makes a statement in the room but is also very durable and easy to clean.

When remodeling your bathroom, consider layout changes to improve your space. Sometimes the optimal layout can be just a few rearrangements. Other times you might have to remove walls to make a big improvement in the space as with this recent bathroom remodel.

-Project description and images provided by Michelle from Change Your Bathroom


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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