Secure The Balcony Before Buying a Pet

When you decide to have animals in your home, you must also take responsibility for their health and safety. Learn how to prepare part of your exterior – a balcony or a terrace, to make it a comfortable but above all safe place for your cat or dog. Cats living in apartments like to stay on the balcony or terrace. And if you do not secure this space well, it can be devastating for your pet, who can be very curious and perform different stunts.

Often, a fall from the balcony causes fractures of the limbs, spine, and even death. How to make sure that your pet can enjoy on the balcony and in the same time to be safe, find out below. Sometimes the pets can be extremely curious and prone to performing various stunts, thereby risking both health and life, and that’s why, additional protection is a necessity. The most popular method is to put a safety fence for the balcony. This ensures that even if your cat sees a bird or butterfly passing, its jump will not end with a fall from a height. Properly selected fence/ rail will in no way impair the aesthetics of the balcony, and will also be useful if you wish to plant ornamental climbing plants. Keep in mind that some species can be toxic to the pets, so before planting a jar with lush seedlings, it is worth checking that it is safe for pets.


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