RSC Residence by Jacobsen Arquitetura in Porto Feliz, Brazil

Project: RSC Residence
Architects: Jacobsen Arquitetura
Location: Porto Feliz, Brazil
Area: 12,486 sf
Photographs by: Leonardo Finotti

RSC Residence by Jacobsen Arquitetura

Jacobsen Arquitetura is a Brazilian studio that you’re already familiar with. We’ve already went into details about two of their contemporary home designs in our articles showcasing the MLA House in Sao Paulo and the CA House in Braganca Paulista, both Brazil. Today, we’re here with yet another one of their contemporary designs, the RSC Residence in Porto Feliz, Brazil. Typical of their work, the design includes tall interiors, minimalist interior and plenty of glazed surfaces that let the sunlight inside.

The topographic model was imperative to address the implementation of this house. The access is at the highest level of the plot and from there a slight slope happens facing the best view and better heat stroke.

Three longilineal blocks were created and arranged in the model. The first contained the land to create a large master plan. The second block is parallel and facing a lake view. Finally the third block rests on top of the other two blocks in a perpendicular angle. Each volume has its defined use, with leisure areas in the first block, social and service dependences in the second block and intimate spaces within the third block. Two important spaces emerged beneath the perpendicular block, a garage in a 12 meter gap and a veranda in the 9 meters overhang. Regarding the construction, the 9 meters overhang was an engineering challenge, followed by great craftsmanship applied in the woodwork.

Jacobsen Arquitetura


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