Round Edge House by Anderman Architects in Ramat Hasharon, Israel

Project: Round Edge House
Architects: Anderman Architects
Location: Ramat Hasharon, Israel
Area: 3,229 sf
Photographs by: Amit Geron

Round Edge House by Anderman Architects

Anderman Architects have built the Round Edge House in Ramat Hasharon, Israel. It is a house of almost 3,300 square feet of living spaces underneath two contrasting facades. One of them is widely open, opening up the interior towards the landscaped areas outside while the other one is all about privacy, closed up with a sort of a “laced-concrete” look.

This project is edged. Located on the edge. The edge of a neighborhood on the edge of a city. On the border line.

This line is the generator of the project. Its leading line. The project is extremely open to one direction, allowing the landscape to dissolve into the house. At the same breath it is also relatively close to the other side. The city that lives behind.

This border line holds the projects “power wall”. A laced concrete façade that filters the city apposed the open view.

The punctured wall works as a double function curtain. it evokes some of the neighborhood’s essence into the house and diffuses the landscape back into the street behind.

The concrete cylinders that were drilled out of the surface are scattered along the garden, used as floor paving. The perforated wall transfers natural light into the house during daytime and by night transfers artificial light outside, illuminating the street with its special glow.

Anderman Architects


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